Leighann Chalykoff

Cuts kill justice programs

In January, Andrea Bailey came to Haines Junction from Toronto to co-ordinate the community’s justice program.

Film fest offers heavy topics with a light touch

With no lower lip, and bulging blue veins snaking across half his face, David Roche stands out in a crowd. And that’s the way he likes it.

Ontario, BC give superhuman performances to grab gymnastics gold

Dominique Pegg moved faster than a speeding bullet. She looked stronger than steel. Wearing a bright red leotard with white swooshes across the…

Patnode redefines old age security

Sitting by the school’s front door, 95-year-old Alice Patnode was the first line of defense against troublemakers at Porter Creek Secondary…

Yukon reaches its goal, while Ontario nets gold

After a shaky start against PEI, Yukon’s women roared back to net two pucks against the Islanders.

BC and Alberta earn figure skating medals, Yukon stays strong in ninth

They call him Little Kurt. When Stuart Ure moved to Edmonton four years ago, his skating coaches dubbed him with the famous moniker after one of his…

Former social worker charged with assault

Former social worker Cameron Sinclair was charged with sexual assault in Dawson City on Wednesday. The charge stems from an incident alleged to have…

Judges map residential school payouts

Thursday morning, courtrooms across the country made history. A group of nine Supreme Court judges, including Yukon’s Justice Ron Veale,…

Yukon bets on table tennis success

Yukon coach Kevin Murphy is a betting man. His vice isn’t played out on horses or cards; he bets against team Yukon players in table tennis.

Alberta, BC rule the trail in sprint races

While two Yukon skiers pulled medals in Monday’s long-distance races, Tuesday’s sprints were a different story.

Friends and former students celebrate a northern trailblazer

Father Jean-Marie Mouchet bought a new set of bright yellow skis last week. Those should be good for the next 20 years and beyond, said former…

RCMP nab crack cocaine at Whitehorse bar

Police found 38 rocks of crack cocaine and several hundred dollars squirreled away in Benjamin Francis Devellano’s pockets while conducting a…

Yukon girls routed, but resilient

 goaltender is the lynchpin of any hockey team. It’s a tough job — mostly thankless and without glory.

Yukon’s skaters glide on home ice advantage

Brides get rice. Bullfighters get roses. And figure skaters, well … they get stuffed animals.

One sharp friendship

Whitehorse knifemaker George Roberts and Inuit artist Simon Tookoome don’t have a lot in common.

Tradition fuses with modern art at the Northern Nations tent

It’s not often you see elders bopping to hip-hop beats. But as smells of bannock and bison stew filled the air in the Northern Nations tent on…

Whitehorse transit redefines door to door service

There’s an old saying: holding the key is no good if you can’t find the house. Mark Mistelbacher learned this the hard way last week…

Young Pelly shooter earns a name on the range

For a few months this winter, Pelly Crossing’s cold, dimly lit curling rink became a training facility for one of the country’s stalwart…

Yukon men hit two medals in swing kick

Joshua Carr was nursing long red lash marks across the back of his neck after competing on Wednesday afternoon.

Yukoners at home on the range

They call it the ‘wailing wall.’ In the athletes’ warm-up area, deep in Vanier Secondary School, there’s a wall where…