Leighann Chalykoff

Board ‘disappointed’ with act review

The Workers’ Compensation Act review has ignored a vital joint submission from labour, business and Yukon Workers’ Compensation Health…

STOPPING the cycle of abuse

Kids are smarter than adults give them credit for. They know when their parents are fighting. And they know where mommy’s black eye came from…


Most of the characters Anna Chatterton creates end up dead. “If you haven’t noticed, I’m a little obsessed with death,” the…

White Stripes sell out in 12 minutes

‘I’m crying inside, I just got broken,” said Ashton Mason, who was disappointed after spending 20 hours in line for White Stripes…

New court offers new options for offenders

The court system, traditionally known for its verdicts of probation and incarceration, is entering a new arena — treatment.

Workers’ act review lengthy, inconsistent

‘This thing is full of inconsistencies,” said Doug Rody on Tuesday, pounding his thick finger into the recently released Yukon…

Yukon government blazes road straight into court

A ‘street fight’ between the Carcross/Tagish First Nations, the Yukon government and Quest Engineering Group has landed in Yukon Supreme…

Gone in 60 seconds?

A Whitehorse man is facing a string of charges after two missing cars were found ditched in the mud and a third was almost stolen in the territory…

Mystery writer got her start in a cemetery

At age three, Gail Bowen learned to read by looking at gravestones. “My mother was not a natural mother,” said Bowen in an interview…

Teen workers must know their rights, says accident victim

When Nick Perry was 19, he took a job that broke his back. He was working in a lumberyard to make some extra cash.

Former addict proposes treatment home

John has spent more than $20,000 on alcohol and cocaine in the past year. He’s on social assistance and spends his days hanging out with…

Man accused of dragging dog pleads not guilty

A man accused of driving down Hamilton Boulevard with his dog tethered to the vehicle’s bumper pleaded not guilty in Yukon court on Tuesday.

Mayo Dawson line dispute will land in court

Yukon Energy Corporation has won its day in court. In what Justice Leigh Gower deemed a “close and difficult case,” Yukon Energy Corp.

Trapper Dan leads listeners on an audio escapade

On his latest CD cover, Dan Halen clutches a guitar and a hunk of wood while wearing nothing but a Stetson and a pair of slush-covered bunny boots.

Suspicious roadside behaviour leads to cocaine bust

After hearing about suspicious activity in a vehicle parked at an Alaska Highway rest area last Thursday afternoon, RCMP’s street…

Two men face charges in Teslin

Two men have been charged in relation to a break and enter and theft of a firearm from a Teslin residence, and the theft of a car from the Teslin…

RCMP close ‘drug trafficking hotspot’

RCMP busted five alleged drug dealers after searching a downtown home, labelled a “drug trafficking hotspot” on Saturday at 10:20 p.m.

A musical finale

Yukon’s music scene is on the brink of losing two of its champions. Both Steve’s Music Shop and Rose Music plan to shut down this spring.

Batch plant battle goes to Supreme Court

McLean Lake residents delivered another blow in the ongoing fight against a cement batch plant in their neighbourhood this week.

Fire destroys Dawson’s Eldorado Hotel

The RCMP has ruled out foul play in their initial investigation into a fire that gutted the top floor of Dawson City’s Eldorado Hotel on…