Leighann Chalykoff

Grow op ‘frontman’ gets one year in jail

‘I’m sorry,” Kwok Yiu Cheung told territorial court Judge Karen Ruddy on Thursday afternoon, his arms outstretched at his sides.

Weekend goes wrong at two local campgrounds

Next time Carrie Turberfield goes camping she’s bringing her paintball gun for protection. Turberfield, a group of friends and their young…

College staff, union bring flawed appointment to the forefront

Yukon College staff, and its employees’ union continue to question a closed-door meeting that ended with interim president Terry Weninger…

There’ll be no Dustbrawl 2

This summer there’s one sequel that won’t make its way to the streets of Whitehorse. Softball Yukon will not stage a repeat of its…

Carcross fable comes to Whitehorse via Toronto

He’s a curious character and a beautiful bird. But did you know that in some circles Raven is credited with bringing light to the world? Red…

Sci fi guy comes north for Carnaval

Michael McManus is a good-looking man … considering he’s been dead for a couple thousand years.

Thieves grab 10 boxes of explosives

The RCMP is continuing to investigate the theft of 250 kilograms of explosives from a Dyno Nobel magazine 50 kilometres outside of Whitehorse.

‘Questionable’ appointment should be scrutinized

Yukon College staff are examining the hiring process of Terry Weninger, who was recently appointed president of the institution.

Community supporter gets community support

After 27 years of giving to the Yukon’s artistic community, local potter Patrick Royle is now in a position to receive.

From crawling to cycling cross continent

Ramesh Ferris walks with a limp and a cane. But he cycles like the wind. The polio survivor can reach speeds of 74 kilometres per hour downhill on…

Making theatre out of dump discards

It’s a Colosseum of discarded cardboard. A theatre of trash. Ensconced in Raven Recycling’s yard in Whitehorse’s Industrial area…

Thieves grab 250 kilograms of explosives

Within the past five days, thieves broke into a location owned by Yukon Pump Sales and Service Ltd., about 50 kilometres outside Whitehorse, and…

Undervalued and uncertified, but these workers carry a heavy load

Walkerton. Kashechewan. North Battleford. These Canadian place names are beacons warning of the danger of tainted drinking water.

College president disappointment called ‘misunderstanding’

Yukon College employees felt “suckered” and were “furious” after the board of governors flew three presidential candidates to…

Date rape drug reports rise, men often targets

It was a strange sort of pub-crawl. A dozen counsellors and volunteers gathered at the victim’s services building in downtown Whitehorse on a…

Filmmaking couple ride risky road for a labour of love

Some gamble on ponies. Others on cards. These two Yukoners have a lot riding on the success of a Small Film.

  • May 12, 2007

New jail, old location

The jail isn’t moving. After scouting a few sites, including a parcel of Kwanlin Dun land in the Industrial Area, the Yukon government will…

Four grow oppers acquitted

On Monday morning there were seven names on the court docket. Five minutes later, just three remained.

Weekend bust at ‘crack shack’ nets cash and illegal weapons

After a tip-off and a few days of investigation, police battered down the door of a Riverdale residence and found an arsenal of illegal weapons,…

Six charges laid in fatal bear attack

Six charges have been laid against Aurora Geosciences Ltd. for violations of the Occupational Health and Safety Act in relation to a man who died…