Leighann Chalykoff

Video trailblazers carved out a niche for a new art form

When Lisa Steele and Kim Tomczak started making videos in the 1980s, they encountered more resistance than they expected.

Walk softly this weekend, but carry a big stick

Skewered fare is huge at the Minnesota State Fair. Chocolate cheesecake, frozen grapes, wild-rice corndogs, deep-fried Milky Way candy bars, pork…

Staff shortage doesn’t worry new franchise

It’s going to take at least 70 employees to run Earls, the mid-priced franchise restaurant slated to open in Whitehorse later this year.

Unique Klondike art school opens its doors

DAWSON CITY The building that houses Dawson’s new art school, which sits kitty-corner to Diamond Tooth Gertie’s, smells like fresh paint.

Send the Brides to Ottawa

Years ago local playwright Celia McBride waited tables in Edmonton. The Chinese restaurant she worked at was brand new and still finding its feet,…

Styrofoam mountains rise in northern town

DAWSON CITY Like a child who shuns the toy in favour of the box it came in, Carin Mincemoyer likes to play around with packaging.

Charges laid in Dawson fraud investigation

A former Dawson City mayor and a former chief administrative officer are facing formal charges relating to alleged mismanagement of public funds…

Stranded canoeists rescued

RCMP rescued two boaters long overdue from a paddling trip on Wolf River near Teslin last week. The two men were stranded after their canoe was…

Man arrested for passing bad cheques

Whitehorse RCMP tracked a local man on suspicion of fraud last week after he allegedly cashed 47 bad cheques totaling $49,000.

Folkies dig roots at Dawson City fest

It’s the Tuesday before the Dawson City Music Festival and producer Dylan Griffith is breathless. That’s not surprising.

  • Jul 19, 2007

Skeleton ambulance service frightens Dawson City and Watson Lake

A loud explosion, caused by gunpowder placed in an open fire, ripped through Dawson City’s steamboat graveyard on Saturday night injuring three…

Volunteer fire chiefs face burnout

Long hours preparing equipment and lugging around a radio for no pay has one community fire chief frustrated.

As injury stats rise, Workers’ Comp posts surplus

The Yukon Workers’ Compensation Health and Safety Board posted a $3- million surplus in 2006. It’s the first since 1999, board chair…

Contaminated meat not sold in Dawson

Hamburgers contaminated with E. coli bacteria were caught before they were sold in Dawson City. “We did have two cases of the patties, but we…

Dawson ambulance attendants sign off

At the height of the tourist season with the music festival just around the corner, Dawson City’s ambulance attendants walked off the job this…

Meat recall

E. coli has been detected in frozen hamburgers that have been sold in Dawson City over the past month.

Watson Lake’s emergency attendants walk out

Watson Lake’s eight on-call ambulance attendants have walked off the job. Tired of being shackled to radios 24/7 for almost no pay, the…

Watson Lake principal sues for defamation

Watson Lake Secondary School principal Carson Atkinson is suing Liard First Nation chief Liard McMillan for defamation.

King remembered for humour, activism

On Thursday, the coroner confirmed that the body found in Lake Laberge on Canada Day was 52-year-old Robert Arthur King.

The Yukon’s RV market is running on fumes

After a glacially slow start to the season, business has finally picked up at the Pioneer RV Park. In May and early June, the Pioneers’…