Larissa Robyn Johnston

Anarchy on the farm

The owner of Anarchy Farms is on the lookout for green thumbprints. About $150 worth of Scott Snider's for-sale plants went missing last week as he was setting up for his son's wedding ceremony.

Klondike Kate’s celebrates Canadian cuisine

As a five-year-old, Gabriel Lamarche spent many summer days foraging for mushrooms in the forest.

Sharing Whitehorse’s culture with the world’s youth

When Jessica Pisarek's boss came to visit her at her cabin on the Alaska Highway south of Whitehorse, he was surprised to see her chopping wood. "I don't think he realized that I'm kind of outdoorsy.

City to repave Main Street

Cracks, patches and oil spills have encouraged city council to support a $500,000 contract to repave Main Street.

Get Out!

Paddle the annual Chili and Bean Downriver Canoe and Kayak race. Push out from Rotary Park and paddle like mad for 18.5 kilometres until you hit the Takhini Bridge.

Homesick and hungry, but happy to be in Dawson

Dan Mangan spends about six months on the road every year. He recently toured Europe. He's driven all the way to Texas, "going a little bit crazy, kind of out of my mind.

Territory asks public if distracted driving is a problem

When it comes to distracted driving laws, the Yukon can't even see the taillights of other provinces. Most Canadian jurisdictions and many US states have banned the use of handheld devices while driving.

Exploring mammoth hunter induced climate change

It's easy to blame gas-sucking SUVs, plastic grocery bags and chemical-producing factories for warming the Earth.

A big family in a ‘tiny’ country

Pat LePoidevin's journey from Sackville, New Brunswick, to Dawson City doesn't seem that far compared to a band that travelled to the music festival from Israel.

  • Jul 21, 2010

Headcheese distributed in Yukon recalled

The Deli on Hanson Street in Whitehorse has pulled Freybe-brand headcheese off its shelves. “If it’s been told that we have to pull it, then we pull it,” said a Deli employee.

Review conflict of interest legislation, says NDP

A sitting minister is given an Escalade from a construction company that just received a contract from the minister’s department. Conflict of interest? Probably.

Fusing cultures, fusing flavours

Michael Yeh recalls the spicy soup with kimchi his "housewife" mother made him as a child in Korea. He doesn't even enjoy Korean food that much, but he still can't forget those traditional, homemade meals.

Firefighters aim for national certification

A 15-minute fitness test in the Takhini Arena on Wednesday was the hardest Tim MacIntosh has worked all year. "It was a struggle," said the firefighter as sweat slowly dripped down his forehead.

Haines Junction mayor backs bluegrass bylaw

Kluane Bluegrass Festival organizers say they never felt welcome in Haines Junction. But village Mayor George Nassiopoulos argues council tried to accommodate the popular festival.

Environmental awareness or bust

As the icebergs shrink, so does the apparel of Up Here's models. The award-winning northern magazine is using swimsuit models to shed some clothes to reveal more about the climate change issue.

A paintbrush in the bush

When inspiration strikes on a hike, Faro artist Horst Berlow trades his walking stick for a paintbrush. He's been doing this for 15 years. He sets out on wilderness adventures with his wife and, when he comes across a Yukon landscape he likes, he photographs it and then paints it when he gets home.

A scholarship for leadership

Rescuing her friends and a canoe from the "jaws of death" helped Patricia Curtiss earn $20,000. "We got into a tight scenario on the Takhini River once," said Curtiss' friend Teri Cherkewich, who referenced Curtiss for the scholarship.

After the gold rush

Several reality TV show contestants were poisoned earlier this week after eating a poisonous plant on the Chilkoot Trail, said Christine Aikens, Parks Canada's public safety specialist on the Chilkoot Trail.

Territory to get new licence

The Yukon will soon issue new drivers' licences with more security features.

Chilkoot Trail plant poisons hungry hikers

A false hellebore plant tricked five Canadian hikers on the Chilkoot Trail last Wednesday, causing two of them severe vomiting and diarrhea.