Larissa Robyn Johnston

Wide ranging photographer captures both hemispheres

There are two people photographer Leslie Leong wishes she captured on film. One was a burly gas station attendant in Australia with tattoos crawling up his arm.

Brightening up Vancouver’s East Side Through the Raven’s Eye

Richard Shorty's most recent artwork is tall. Six storeys tall, in fact. The 7,600-square-foot mural on Vancouver's Orwell Hotel was unveiled on August 19 "to brighten up the Downtown Eastside area," said the Whitehorse-born artist.

  • Aug 27, 2010

Wasp stings create a buzz in emergency room

Patricia Robertson hasn’t been able to enjoy a lunch in her garden this summer. Rather than relaxing and enjoying the yellow beams of sun, Robertson gets swarmed by yellowjackets.

Get Out!

Dawson-born artist Mark Preston's new show. Void is on now at Gallery .22 It displays handcut shapes made of rag bond paper on cedar wood frames.

Court gets bush less, homeless get nest less

Government property management employees see people sleeping, shagging and swigging in the bushes outside the Yukon Law Court everyday. First thing in the morning, employees sweep up all the glass.

Cable woes continue

For the third time in just over a week, Northwestel service has been disrupted. Yukoners are once again disconnected. And northern Alberta construction crews are to blame.

Millions melting into highway

Adding cold air to permafrost may cure Yukon's degraded highways. But the solution comes with a steep cost - about $1 million per kilometre.

Time travelling with psychedelic lights and Cold War warning systems

Charles Stankievech's masterpiece resembles a military station on an acid trip. It's a 10-foot-tall soccer ball-like dome with lights that psychedelically flash the colours of the rainbow.

Recruitment gets new look, new lines

The Yukon wants you! And it's apparently going to get you with its new slogan and image. The Yukon Public Service Commission recently spent $76,000 on an initiative for employee recruitment.

Unusual temperatures spark fire ban

All open fires and campfires throughout the southern portion of the territory have been banned. "We're seeing some unprecedented temperatures for this time of year," said Yukon Wildland Fire information officer George Maratos on Friday.

Solar energy can water livestock

Farmers can now rely on the sun to quench the thirst of their livestock. Through solar panels, the watering system taps the sun's energy to pump water from a source, like a pond, up to the livestock's troughs.

Road crew digs the internet

An Alberta company apparently doesn't know to phone before they dig. Road contractor Richardson Bros. Ltd.

Grey Mountain goes green

Green is the new black at Whitehorse wakes. The city's expansion of the Grey Mountain Cemetery includes an eco-friendly approach to burials. They call them green burials.

A ‘lost soul’ trapped in a unitard

These days, Whitehorse fans may be excused if they don't recognize Ben Mahony. Once, he could be seen around town performing in a unitard, a la David Bowie.

Missing 16 year old found in Yellowknife

The search for 16-year-old Heather Daye and her 26-year-old boyfriend is off after Yellowknife residents helped the RCMP in locating Daye.

Ambulance crew moves to Two Mile Hill, after toddler dies in Takhini

On July 18th, Brennan Richard McCarthy-Paquet choked to death on a piece of macaroni. He was 17 months old. "I turned around for two seconds," said his mom Shandell McCarthy.

Yukon birth certificate born again, much bigger

Unless your wallet is the size of a novel, you won't be carrying your birth certificate in it any longer.

Ambulance station in Takhini to reduce wait times, meet national standards

A new ambulance crew at the top of Two Mile Hill will help the city reach the national standard for response times.

The first step is through the Last Door

Returning to your small, northern town as a recovering alcoholic or drug addict is a tough battle. Many fall back into the same peer group, the same habits they had before they left for counselling and detoxification.

A problem beyond liquor

Your average street alcoholic might not be juiced on booze at all. Sometimes they’re high on simple mouthwash sold at any pharmacy or grocery store.