Krystle Alarcon

Government fights itself over guardianship dispute

Two arms of the Yukon government duked it out in the Supreme Court on Friday over whether the territory should continue to make decisions for a 65-year-old Old Crow resident with the mental capacity of a five-year-old.

Soldiers and citizens prepare for the worst

About 25 soldiers were treated at Whitehorse General Hospital yesterday - for fake injuries, that is. "Pulse 80, 'resp' 12, blood pressure 80 on 100," said one paramedic to Dr. Marc Pronovost yesterday.

A cartoonist with a Yukon legacy

The political cartoonist at the Yukon News has regretfully left the territory.

Art that’s meant to be run over

Around 20 artists' carved panels will make it or break it - to print, that is, this weekend.

Dawson plans push to become world heritage site

Dawson City and the Tr'ondek Hwech'in First Nation are working on a plan to nominate the Klondike as a world heritage site.

Suicidal man pulled from Yukon River

A 39-year-old man was rescued from the Yukon River by RCMP on Tuesday. At around 8:15 p.m.

New book captures young carvers’ creativity

Awakening Spirits: Echoes of Ancient Yukon Traditions is not just your typical coffee-table book. Released last month, it documents the stories of Yukon First Nation youth who were practically saved by a local carving program.

Conservative pamphlet with fake braille riles residents

A Conservative Party pamphlet that touts the Canadian government's efforts to help disabled residents find jobs is being panned. The so-called "householder" pamphlet was sent out by various Conservative MPs.

Young worker’s experience may change labour standards

The way one young woman was fired by her employer might change employment standards in the Yukon. Victoria Pumphrey, 22, worked at a small gift shop in Whitehorse from December to March.

Living in limbo: a temporary foreign worker’s story

Imagine being separated from your kids for seven years, losing a chance at citizenship by having your name not pulled out of a bucket and being homeless during the winter months of Alberta.

Hundreds of soldiers to train in Whitehorse

Around 550 soldiers from across Canada will be training for emergency responses in Whitehorse next week for an annual military training called Operation Nanook.

Beauty is in the eye of Vanessa Falle

A local photographer is dedicated to changing the way women perceive beauty, and she's doing it through her own lens. Vanessa Falle has launched a "beauty and glamour" photo shoot package at her studio on Main Street.

Temporary Foreign Worker Program spurs mixed reactions

The launch of the Yukon's Temporary Foreign Worker Program (TFWP) has been met with support, resentment and frustration. Politicians, unions, business owners and workers disagree as to its benefits.

Whitehorse’s youngest goldsmith carves out a living

Growing up in a small town in Nova Scotia, Shelley MacDonald's idea of fun as a child was wrapping her father's fishing wire around rocks. “I was one of those kids that would come home from the beach and had rocks and shells in my pockets.

Married without status: Austrian woman criticizes immigration

An Austrian woman wants to help newcomers in the Yukon through the daunting immigration process with a group called Immigrants Helping Immigrants.

Territory opens Temporary Foreign Worker Program

The education department, which handles immigration in the territory, announced that Citizenship and Immigration Canada has approved the TFWP for Yukon employers this morning at a press conference.

“Epic” city council teaser goes viral

A suspenseful, fast-paced instrumental plays. Close ups of a microphone, a semi-circular table and Whitehorse’s city crest flash across the screen. The door opens, and the fire chief, city manager and mayor walk in… slowly, intently, stoically.

Territory proposes change to child support

Parents who collect or pay child support could possibly have it easier, depending on what the Yukon government decides after mid-August.

Raven Recycling takes two leaps forward

Raven Recycling is very close to attaining two new goals: to prevent people from throwing out Styrofoam and to make it easier for residents without cars to recycle.

Ryan Leef runs for diabetes

Yukon's Member of Parliament left his Whitehorse office after Canada Day to run around the territory and raise money for diabetes.