Keith Halliday

Vapourware on the Dempster

The Yukon government's announcement of a backup fibre optic link along the Dempster Highway with NorthwesTel last week reminded me of the term "vapourware.

What the Trudeau win means for Yukon politics

In contrast to most election platforms, more people probably downloaded Justin Trudeau's "New Plan for a Strong Middle Class" after the election than during the campaign. 

Planning ahead: the 2016 Yukon budget

With the federal election thankfully in the rear-view mirror, let's look at what's coming up here in the Yukon. The next big thing is the Yukon budget. 

Dog Meets God offers unforgettable moments, showcases next generation of Whitehorse acting talent

How to describe the Guild's new production of Dog Sees God: Confessions of a Teenage Blockhead? Think of it as a comedic cross between a Charlie Brown special and the Breakfast Club.

Non issue issues of the 2015 election campaign

It has been a depressing election campaign. Consider some of the big issues that our leaders and the media have positioned as major differences between the parties.

Trade the latest hot election issue

"If elected, I promise to raise the price of all foods containing wheat so that every Canadian family has to pay an extra $276 per year, which will go to Canadian wheat producers. 

Finally, a poll that is useful

The polling industry has produced some epic fails over the years. Most recently, pollsters predicted that the U.K.

Some things to consider this municipal election

Since our municipal election on October 15 is in danger of being overshadowed by all the federal electoral mayhem, let's have a look at what promises to be one of the key municipal election issues.

Refugees: What will you do?

Newspapers have been full of confusing numbers about Syrian and Iraqi refugees in recent weeks. Back in January, the federal government announced Canada would take 13,000 additional refugees.

Captain Camo strikes again!

Scene: Inside Captain Camo's secret headquarters at Second and Black, in the secure situation room which special drywall renders impervious to surveillance, radiation and common sense. 

Obama on climate change and the North

Allow me to distract you for a minute from the scintillating rhetoric and compelling visions of the Canadian election. 

Fiscal imbalance redux

One of Parliament's most important jobs is to hold the executive accountable for the nation's finances. Indeed, disputes with King Charles over taxation and spending led to the English Civil War.

The criminal justice system’s $2.9 billion question

This federal election gives Canadians the opportunity to vote thumbs-up or thumbs-down on whether they think the Conservatives have done a good job in the decade since Stephen Harper became prime minister in 2006.

Report from Fort McMurray

Every city has its warts, and we encountered a few at Fort McMurray, but after spending a week here I can say reality is much different from the city’s stereotypes.

Does the Yukon need a carbon tax?

Canada isn’t well known for innovative public policy. In fact, the ridiculousness of our dairy supply management policy – supported by all three major political parties for years – is the butt of vicious economist jokes.

How much does your vote cost?

You have to have a grudging respect for the relentless scheming of the Conservative Party in Ottawa.

Chinese hedge funds are out to get you

Summer is supposed to be the season of hard work, when you stake claims and move as much dirt as you can. Winter is when you have time to fret about commodity prices. 

Yukon unemployment surges in latest statistics

Statistics Canada just released figures showing a surge in unemployment in the Yukon. The headline rate hit 8.3 per cent in June, seasonally adjusted.

Who should get cheap Yukon power?

The latest blockbuster has arrived just in time for summer reading season at the cabin: Viability Analysis of Southeast Alaska and Yukon Economic Development Corridor.

Alaskans cringe as new B.C. mine ramps up

Americans generally don't pay much attention to Canada. One sure way to fix that is to build a giant tailings pond uphill from the border.