Julie Pegg

Stale bread

"Stale bread can be very useful, so it is foolish to waste it" James Beard What do you do with leftover doughy things that have become as hard as cobbler's nails in the breadbox or fridge? I'm not just referring to the last three slices from the daily l

Digging up dirt on the new Victory Garden

Tristin Hopper's mention of Victory Gardens in his article Growth History (April 8) prompted me to rework an article I wrote earlier this year. During the First and Second world wars demands on Britain's domestic foods escalated. Times were lean.

get cracking at easter

I love the egg in all its guises -- soft-scrambled, whipped into an omelette, poached, boiled and sunny side-up. The egg is friendly at breakfast, lunch and supper. It adores fresh herbs, tender asparagus, and sorts of cheeses.

It’s all in the game

Terry Sewell, a force behind the city’s annual Wine and Fine Food Festival, invited me to pitch in at this year’s Rotary Wine and Fine…