Juliann Fraser

darwins nightmare delivers the story of globalization

‘The old question, which social and political structure is best for the world seems to have been answered. Capitalism has won.

Illegal logging provides cheap floors for Canada

In this politically correct climate of global warming, in an age where it has finally become fashionable to eschew a disposable lifestyle, buying…

theres no such thing as a green beijing

‘One World, One Dream” is the motto of the Beijing Summer Olympics. But “Impending Doom” might be a better way to describe…

born to feed corn is the crop of greed

To eat it, we must gnaw on it like beavers; it leaves a drippy mess on our chins and strings of pulp between our teeth.

give me a one armed economist so i can buy my minivan

American businesses are still selling products cheaper than those in Canada, even though our dollar is at par.

Mr. Stelmach lies to Washington

Lately I’ve been reading Saboteurs, the true story of Wiebo Ludwig and his aggressive protest against the Alberta oil industry’s…

Carbon trading can be a tricky business

To be honest, I have found this whole carbon credit thing more than a little confusing. And I’ve been tempted to dismiss it as hokum simply…

Go get ‘em, Tony!

It seems shame is Canada’s preferred tactic for working over the nation’s naughty fast food joints.

lets save the world with shopping this christmas

I have said in this space, in a dozen different ways, that shopping will be our ruin. And yet, as the spirit of Christmas pervades my senses and…

Born to Shop: Corporate greed goes to jail

Conrad Black was born to shop. And he liked to do it with other people’s money.  His wife Barbara Amiel Black, longtime Maclean’s…

Young inspires the old with new songs

It’s hard not to be impressed when rock legend Neil Young raises a jar of clear liquid before the thousands of fans at one of his concerts and,…

my beloved jeans are giving me the blues

Thirty years after Neil Diamond released his ode to denim, the phrase Forever in Blue Jeans still strikes a chord.

Celebrate the spirit of the season — buy nothing

Buy Nothing Day is a Canadian-gone-global tradition with a simple concept: avoid shopping for one day out of 365.

The world’s ‘perfect food’ could be a devil in disguise

Few foods have enjoyed a more angelic reputation than the soybean. While dietary staples, like meat and dairy, are increasingly demonized as the…

Vaccines carry some risk

Vaccinations are not mandatory in Canada, and that may surprise some people. But it is, in fact, a choice.

more than 100 years later the electric car is humming along

Remember when driving used to be so… Zen? We would fuel up without a care in the world, peel away from the gas pump and blast the tunes for…

‘Little boxes on the hillside’… And the world piles up with ‘ticky tacky’

There comes a time in every homeowner’s life when they must consider making some painful upgrades.

bamboo saint or spin

Have you felt the exquisite softness of bamboo? It’s the latest thing — bamboo towels, bathrobes, T-shirts.

The TV broke, and my kids survived the loss

Like everything else out there, I couldn’t simply accept from the experts that television is bad for kids. No, I had to test it out.

time flies when youre born to shop

A year has passed since I began my weekly rage against big business and mass consumerism in this space.