Juliann Fraser

halloween is the crappiest of festivals

Like so many celebrations, probably all of them, Halloween is looking more and more like an excuse to consume crap.

Microwave popcorn serves up a doubly toxic concoction

In these modern, toxic-chemical ridden times, dusting off some old ways may be a life saver. Like noisily popping our popcorn on the stove.

go ahead ban plastic bags we can take it

If Whitehorse banned plastic bags tomorrow, what would you do? Would you stop shopping? Would you stage a protest at city hall? Would you take the…

A take out revolution starts with corn cups

The old polystyrene coffee cup has a life expectancy of 500 years, but the new corn coffee cup lasts less time on this Earth than a Yukon summer.

Watch out, boys, I’m packing a Lady Taser

Finally, dangerous weapons for women! As dainty as a disposable razor, the latest CED (conducted energy device), otherwise known as a stun gun, or…

Craig’s list changed my life

someone asked me if I was on a “Horizon list.” Her expression told me this was something I should know about and would want in on…

atkins dieters hang on to their yo yo life

I thought everyone on earth was finally off the Atkins diet. Then I visited my stepmother. For eight days, I was forced to survive as a pregnant…

Starbucks falls from its capitalist stardom

When Starbucks finally took possession of our city’s busiest street corner, the collective groan of indifference could have been heard as far…

Canadians: we’re not perfect, but we try

Most of us celebrated our status as Canadians yesterday — and why not? Canada continues to rank among one of the best places in the world to…

harper sees red over green shift but what about the consumer

Opposition leader Stephane Dion’s Green Shift plan has our normally unflappable Prime Minister using words like “crazy” and…

dont let c 51 lock up natural health care

For thousands of years, humans have relied on the roots and herbs of the forests and the fields to keep them healthy.

Drugs in the tap water: Commie plot or dentists gone wild?

The idea of water fluoridation was once eyed with so much suspicion that it was dubbed a communist plot.

Summer means more cropping and different shopping

It’s that time of year again when we pour everything we’ve got into our lawns, our flowers our vegetable gardens — because the…

greed and murder have spoiled the banana

It’s hard not to smile while eating a Chiquita banana. But we’re not kids anymore. It’s time to put away any nostalgia associated…

there are too many goats in china and flocks at wal mart

If the environmentalist wore a signature sweater, it could be made of cashmere. Also known in Asia as ‘soft gold’ or the ‘diamond…

Whitehorse could be Canada’s next fair trade town

The dedication of so many in this city of 23,000 souls to the campaign of protecting human rights through fair trading is impressive.

It’s the ‘beginning of the end’ for bisphenol A

I wrote about bisphenol-A a year ago when the Harper government announced it would be conducting a review on the controversial hormone-mimicking…

chocolate story shows bloody industry no mercy

Carol Off’s biography of chocolate unravels a long, dark, murderous tale, with virtually nothing sweet about it, not even slim shavings of hope.

Higher food prices are coming to a store near you

Imagine you walked into Super-A and found that the price of a box of cereal had doubled to $10. I guess we’re not buying cereal this week.

Doctors — reject the ‘free lunch’ and renew our trust

The Pfizer poster pinned to the wall at my local medical clinic made me wince. Most of us are suspicious of a sugar-daddy-type affair happening…