Josh Kerr

Government to appeal Ross River ruling

The Yukon government is hoping that the Supreme Court of Canada will hear its appeal of a court ruling that called into question the way mineral claims are staked on the traditional lands of unsigned First Nations.

NorthwesTel emphasizes Internet speed advances

NorthwesTel is welcoming the Yukon government's recently announced plan to look at bringing a second fibre-optic line to the territory.

Man’s meteorite conspiracy allegations dismissed

The Yukon Appeals court has found no merit to allegations that the Geological Survey of Canada conspired to steal a rock containing extraterrestrial life from a Yukon placer miner.

Government eyes Internet expansion

The Yukon government is looking to build a new fiber optic line from Whitehorse to Juneau.

Condo titles conundrum

The developer of a condo complex in the Logan subdivision is appealing a ruling that has halted construction of two apartment buildings.

Condo titles in legal limbo

The developer of a condo complex in the Logan subdivision is appealing a ruling that has halted construction of two apartment buildings. In a ruling last month Yukon Supreme Court Justice Ron Veale ordered the numbered company...

Pasloski meets with PM

It's been a busy past few days for Premier Darrell Pasloski. He and several members of his cabinet were in Ottawa this week holding meetings with their federal counterparts.

Competitors pan NorthwesTel’s modernization plan

NorthwesTel's new modernization plan doesn't look any better than the old one, say its competitors. "It's basically more of the same," said Dean Proctor, the chief development officer for SSi Group.

Rusk inquest wraps up

The coroner’s jury looking into the carbon monoxide poisoning of five people last year has classified the deaths as accidental. The deaths probably occurred sometime around Jan. 27, concluded the six-member jury.

Faulty chimney led to deaths

The tragic death of the Rusk family and their friend could have been prevented, said Juergen Korn. "So many places along the way of this process could have been interrupted," the engineer for Yukon Housing Corp.

Repeat sexual offender sentenced

A Pelly Crossing man has been sentenced to eight and a half years in prison for a 2010 sexual assault. Joseph Townsend, 58, is described by one assessment as an "unrepentant, essentially untreated sexual offender.

Inquest into carbon monoxide deaths begins

John Klemenz fought back tears as he described the last conversation he had with his friend, Bradley Rusk. "Brad was quite enthusiastic about work and really looking forward to seeing me," he said.

Conference board sees a bright future in Yukon mining

The Conference Board of Canada is predicting the Yukon's mining boom will continue for years to come. The board predicts that employment in the Yukon mining sector will more than double in the next few years.

Roundup recognizes Yukon prospectors

While discoveries in the White Gold District outside of Dawson City have garnered the most attention in the last few years, ATAC Resources was quietly working away to the east, staking up an area outside of Keno City.

Jittery investors slow Yukon’s mineral exploration

It was a challenging year for the Yukon's mineral exploration industry. At least that's what Lee Pigage, the head of mineral services for the Yukon Geological Survey, is telling attendees at the annual Mineral Exploration Roundup Conference.

More oil and gas interest in Eagle Plain

The Yukon government is looking to hear from the public about two requests for oil and gas rights in the Eagle Plain Basin. The basin, located in the north Yukon, has been on the oil and gas radar since the 1950s.

Treating the doctor shortage

About 10 to 15 per cent of Yukoners – 3,000 to 5,000 people – don’t have a family doctor, says Dr. Rao Tadepalli, president of the Yukon Medical Association. That figure is just an estimate, for lack of any hard numbers.

Commonwealth comedy exchange

Mick Dwyer has been performing in the Adelaide Fringe Festival every year since 1998, so he's well equipped to mentor the Yukon comedians who are heading there next month.

Dawson conducts service review

Dawson City is inviting criticism. The town is holding a public meeting next week to get feedback from the public about the kinds of services it offers.

Court blocks condo construction

A condo board has been granted an injunction to stop a developer from continuing with construction of two multi-storey buildings on its land.