Josh Kerr

Attacker deemed long term offender

A B.C. man has been sentenced to more than four years in jail after pleading guilty to two counts of sexual assault, although with credit for time served he will only spend about 16 more months behind bars.

Sex assault appeal thrown out

The Court of Appeal for Yukon has upheld the conviction of a Watson Lake man convicted of sexual assault two years ago.

Making better renters

The Yukon Anti-Poverty Coalition is reaching out to some of the more affluent citizens of Whitehorse. It’s looking to get feedback from landlords to find out what it would take to get them to accept low-income and no-income tenants.

Larue’s lawyer questions forensic evidence

No one knows how Gordon Seybold actually died. There was so little left of his body after a fire destroyed his Ibex Valley home in March 2008 that it was impossible to determine the cause of death, said Dr.

Competitors miffed at NorthwesTel’s latest move

NorthwesTel is asking the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission to reconsider a ruling that knocked its wholesale Internet rates down by 70 per cent.

Yukoner’s Vietnam documentary shown at the National Gallery

It was bags of old mouldy photographs rotting in an Ottawa basement that inspired Rob Ridgen to make his first film more than 20 years ago. The photos were snapshots from his friend Mike Touchette’s time fighting for the Americans in Vietnam.

LNG could power Watson Lake

Yukon Electrical Co. has plans to upgrade one of the turbines in Watson Lake to run on a mix of natural gas and diesel. The initial plan is to retrofit one of the six diesel-fired electrical generators to a bi-fuel system.

Larue trial continues

By the time Robert Atkinson saw the fire, the flames were more than 10 metres high. "I saw flames over the trees and a glow in the sky," recalled the chief of the Ibex Valley volunteer fire department. The fire was on his neighbour's property.

Larue murder trial starts

Norman Larue may be a liar, but he’s not a murderer, argued his lawyer, Ray Dieno, in his opening statement to the jury. Larue, 34, is facing a first-degree murder charge for the killing of Gordon Seybold.

Teen sex offender sentenced

A Whitehorse teenager has been sentenced to two years probation after pleading guilty to sexually assaulting three young girls who were between the ages of seven and 10.

Murder trial starts

The murder trial of Norman Eli Larue starts today in Whitehorse. Larue is charged in connection with the 2008 murder of Gordon Seybold. The trial is expected to take several months.

Watson Lake store burns down

The Tags convenience store in Watson Lake was destroyed by fire early Monday morning. The fire department got the call shortly before 5 a.m., but by the time firefighters arrived on scene the building was completely engulfed in flames.

NorthwesTel beefs up Internet packages

Ask and you shall receive better Internet - but you have to ask for it. NorthwesTel has upped the usage caps on several of its high-speed Internet packages. What's more, the new and improved service now costs less.

Yukon News dominates Canadian Community Newspaper Awards

The Yukon News garnered six first-place wins at this year's Canadian Community Newspaper Awards - more than any other publication.

Housing lessons from down south

Most people have a skewed perspective on homelessness, says Allyn Lyon, director of community and industry partnerships for the Yukon Housing Corporation. "We think of the homeless as a down-and-outer, someone who drinks out of a brown paper bag."

Condo sales strong last year

Whitehorse housing prices continued their downward slide in the last quarter of 2012. The average price of a single-family home was $402,700, a decrease of $34,400, or 7.9 per cent from the third quarter.

Saving bears from themselves

Before the territory's bears wake up this spring, the Yukon government is working to rouse Yukoners to the issue of bear safety.

Government to take action on housing strategy

The Yukon government is moving ahead with a territorial housing strategy. The announcement was made by Scott Kent, the minister responsible for the Yukon Housing Corporation.

Accused pleads guilty to sexual assault

Accused pleads guilty to sexual assault A young offender has pleaded guilty to three counts of sexual assault. Because of the age of both the accused and his victims, none of them can be named. Only one of the three victims was touched in a sexual way.

Watson Lake kidnapper avoids federal pen

A Watson Lake man who pleaded guilty to kidnapping his former girlfriend won’t be spending any time in federal prison. Instead, Randy Lutz, 27, has been handed a 32-month sentence to be served at the Whitehorse Correctional Centre.