John Thompson

Physician, heal thyself

The Yukon's Catholic Church leaders are free to live in the 1950s for as long as they want, provided they do so on their own dime. But it's different when a bishop tries to impose his own retrograde views on human sexuality.

More to be done on the furnace file

Those of us who don't know our oil-burning furnace's blower from its burner assembly put faith in the mechanics we hire to install and maintain these devices.

Don’t shoot the messenger

You know something is wrong when a government worker who spends her own time and money to help the territory's needy, while addressing a long-known shortfall in the government's own services, is quickly shown the exit.

freedom of the press is a necessary pain

So Cherish Clarke has appointed herself as censor-in-chief of the Yukon. Clarke, the organizer for the territory's Idle No More protests, announced that she's helpfully come up with a list of publications that are appropriate for the public to consume.

Cool the rhetoric on First Nation reforms

The recent Idle No More protests probably say as much about the tactlessness of the federal Conservatives as it does about the unreasonableness of some First Nation activists.

plenty at stake

In late December, the judges found that aboriginal rights are being violated by the government's current method of awarding mineral rights and the accompanying right to explore.

Some wishes for 2013

Here are some of our hopes and fears for 2013. * We hope Humane Society Yukon's new board receives support over the holidays to ensure the Mae Bachur Animal Shelter remains open.

We miss Dennis Fentie, just a little

With the sitting of the Yukon's legislature mercifully over, part of us can't help but wish that Dennis Fentie had been around to liven things up. Sure, the territory's last premier was a bully and a blowhard. But he had a way with words.

time for an adult talk about climate change

Stephen Harper's sock puppet for the Yukon has been doing his bit in Parliament to muddy the discussion of how to tackle climate change.

The Peel talks are toast

Hardly anyone visits the Peel watershed, thanks to the region's remoteness. This makes the battle being fought over its fate largely symbolic for both sides.

Cruising for a bruising

The Kaska have always loved a good fight. Their leaders' legitimacy appears to be conferred through brawls with the territory and Ottawa.

sunlight is the best disinfectant

You may never hear about the next potential scandal waiting to detonate within the Yukon government, thanks to proposed changes to the Access to Information and Protection of Privacy Act.

culling the candidates

Many Whitehorse residents love to moan about how their mayor and council are a bunch of morons. With municipal elections on Thursday, now's your chance to do something about it.

time to clean house at the shelter

When exactly did Vladimir Putin assume control of the Humane Society Yukon? The Russian president has been seen nowhere near the Mae Bachur shelter, it is true, but the non-profit's recent operations bear all the hallmarks of an autocratic regime.

furnace dilly dally continues

The Yukon government has known for several years that many of the territory's oil-burning furnaces don't meet national building codes. It's also known that, in some cases, the shoddy state of these devices pose safety risks.

elias owes the public a real explanation

We can only hope that Darius Elias' journey into the political wilderness, following his recent departure from the Liberal party, yields him fresh insight. Because right now he isn't making much sense.

NDP floats fixes for Landlord and Tenant Act

Excerpt of the Yukon NDP caucus' submission to the Landlord and Tenant Act review: The Yukon government is asking Yukoners for their views on modernizing our residential landlord and tenant laws. The period for public comment ends this Monday, July 9.

free the sock puppets

Yukon MP Ryan Leef is energetic, affable and feisty. These are all fine qualities for a prime ministerial sock puppet. Conservatives will grumble that's an unfair characterization.

Tourism industry opposes cuts

Open letter to MP Ryan Leef: The Canadian government has decided to make unprecedented cuts to Parks Canada.