John Thompson

Talking trash recyclables, to be precise

It's safe to say that plenty of paper, plastic, cardboard and other recyclable waste will be headed for Whitehorse's landfill in the near future, unless our municipal and territorial leaders get their act together.

Leef blows in the wind

When a Yukon MP broke his word on a matter of symbolic importance a few years ago, he found himself on the receiving end of some tough criticism from an energetic rival named Ryan Leef.

Why wait for Harper to address aboriginal violence?

Prime Minister Stephen Harper has unveiled his action plan for addressing the high number of missing and murdered aboriginal women in Canada.

Blue bin recycling expands

Blue bin recycling expands The Blue Bin Recycling Society has expanded to new neighbourhoods, again. What began as a Riverdale pilot project now covers most of the city.

This FASD campaign is a flop

If only ridding the territory of fetal alcohol spectrum disorder were as simple as crafting the right promotional campaign. Sadly, the problem is not so simple.

With a minister like this, who needs enemies?

What’s more frustrating than the prime minister making a big show of coming to town, but only giving local reporters between themselves just one question he will deign to answer?

A bucketful of charitable considerations

In case you missed it, Yukon MP Ryan Leef dove into the Arctic Ocean this week to raise money for a good cause. Then he dragged your newspaper editor in along with him.

Stupidity outbreak mars Harper’s visit

What a relief. Prime Minister Stephen Harper visited Whitehorse yesterday and shared with the territory a fresh insight: the plight of missing and murdered aboriginal women in Canada is not, in fact, a "sociological phenomenon.

Nehass case adjourned for two weeks

Nehass case adjourned for two weeks It will be another few weeks before the case of Michael Nehass makes any more progress through the courts. 

Let sunlight into the jail

Human rights apparently don't count inside Whitehorse Correctional Centre. That, anyhow, is an easy-to-draw conclusion, based on the Yukon government’s absurd decision.

RCMP investigating weekend robbery

RCMP investigating weekend robbery Police are investigating after a local gas station was robbed by a man with a 30-centimetre-long bowie knife. 

Sick in the head? Lock ’em up!

The Yukon, in case you haven't heard, has taken a trail-blazing new approach to treating mental illness. In serious cases, we simply take those suffering and throw them in the clink.

The public has a right to know? Pshaw!

Premier Darrell Pasloski must think that most Yukoners are rubes and dim-wits. How else to explain his ongoing reliance on staying mum.

No end in sight to Peel mess

At the risk of being a killjoy, it's probably important to note that the Peel trial is unlikely to resolve anything of substance. Not this week's trial, anyhow.

Give Housing First a second chance

It must be tough being a Yukon Party cabinet minister. So much money on hand, so few ideas with what to do with it.

Affordable housing file marked by ineptitude and indifference

Brad Cathers should grow a backbone. As the political boss of the Yukon Housing Corporation, Cathers is entitled to call the shots.

Some Vanier concerns still not resolved

Yukon's lapsed Catholics and left-leaning heathens must be shouting hallelujah this week, following news that Bishop Gary Gordon will soon be packing his bags for Victoria.

Deal officially signed to fund life saving drug

Deal officially signed to fund life-saving drug A deal has been reached with a drug company to fund expensive medication for people with a unique form of cystic fibrosis. Vertex Pharmaceuticals Inc.

Environmental assessment reform should be done in the open

Our federal government has been busy rewriting the laws that govern environmental assessments in the Yukon.

Affordable housing should be income tested

Affordable housing should be income tested I am writing concerning the grants (subsidies) the government is going to pay to developers to build affordable housing. I am not against affordable housing, as I know that it is needed in Whitehorse.