John Thompson

An old fashioned fix for the city’s recycling fracas

The real problem with the City of Whitehorse's curbside recycling scheme is that it ignores the Yukon capital's unique history.

City’s curbside critics assume Raven gets a free lunch

As sure as day follows night, some Whitehorse residents can be counted on to turn red-faced at the news that their municipal government wants them to pay more money.

If the gravy train grinds to a halt, then what?

Premier Darrell Pasloski has good reason to be miffed by news that Ottawa's annual shipment of loot may wind up $23 million less than expected next year. After all, it's a territorial election year.

Another government plan, another missing price tag

Tell us if this is starting to sound familiar. The Yukon government has an important announcement to make. A news release is duly issued, and maybe big wigs are assembled to deliver some canned comments.

Peel decision a hollow win for the Yukon government

Well, it looks like the crystal ball at the Yukon News could use a spit shine. We’ve previously predicted in these pages that the Yukon government would keep on losing in its long-running court battle.

Devil’s in the details with new fibre line

Our territorial leaders must have been awful eager to have a flashy announcement to present to this week's gathering of business big wigs.

‘Real change’ will ring empty without electoral reform

Remember how Stephen Harper's 2011 majority victory was so frequently derided by progressives as illegitimate, because he received less than 40 per cent of the popular vote?

To end strategic voting, vote strategically

This observation is bound to upset some readers, but it's possible that the best way to advance the interests of the federal New Democrats and Greens this election is for their Yukon supporters to vote Liberal on Monday.

Are you afraid yet?

In a nasty turn, it looks like the outcome of the federal election could be tilting in favour of Prime Minister Stephen Harper, thanks to his knack for preying on the ignorance and insecurities of some Canadians when it comes to Muslims.

Leef fires blanks in gun registry fight

There are many weighty issues this federal election. Canada's role in supporting Syrian refugees. Competing schemes to help parents raising young children.

Canada isn’t pulling its weight to help Syrian refugees

You didn't have to wait long following the publication of our Sept. 9 story about a Whitehorse woman's efforts to work towards relocating at least one family of Syrian refugees to the territory before the invariable push-back began.

The pancake premier

Yukon's premier has been thrown under the bus so many times over the Bill S-6 schmozzle, he runs the risk of earning a suitably flattened nickname. Call him Darrell "the Pancake" Pasloski.

Fibre plan still missing a few wires

It may not be well understood that the Yukon suffered from not one, but two big-time communication breakdowns this week.

Call in the common sense police

Prime Minister Stephen Harper can rest assured that he will be well protected during his visit to the Yukon.

An election idea worth borrowing

If there’s ever a time for territorial leaders to present a wish list to Ottawa, it’s during a federal election.

Harper better hope that honesty isn’t a campaign issue

Prime Minister Stephen Harper has long claimed that he was kept in the dark by his own inner circle during the secretive payoff of Mike Duffy's dodgy Senate expenses.

Remind us who’s playing politics?

It's not easy to stir up a public uproar by writing about the finer points of Canada's tax code, but our columnist Kyle Carruthers managed to pull off the trick recently.

Public deserves details of bus boondoggle

Pop quiz: Do you believe that Yukon's parents should have known that, for the past two years, the territory's school bus operator was repeatedly flubbing the government's safety requirements?

How to not sell an idea to the public

The Yukon Party's approach to picking a spot for Whitehorse's new continuing care centre is, typically enough, ass-backwards. First our cabinet ministers sat around a table and came to a decision.

The case for the New Democrats

Well, as they say, turnaround is fair play. The Liberals, after spending years telling Canadians that the only credible alternative to voting Conservative is to support themselves.