Jim Robb

Remote cabins being burned down by some government department

Quite often people will bring me photographs of cabins, artifacts, etc., that they have come across in the wilderness areas. The photograph above was given to me by somebody years ago, I can't remember who.

a tribute to fred the barber

Fred Collins was mostly known as "Fred the Barber." He cut my hair for years, and I liked his old-time, friendly ways. Just lately, soon after Fred passed away, I walked past his shop and saw the large wreath in his shop's front window, or door.

Alex Van Bibber tells about the sinking of the Thistle

It's always great to get a letter from people like Alex Van Bibber, an old friend, who really knows and has lived our history of the recent past.

the history of the winter carnival yukon sourdough rendezvous queens

Thank you to Sibell Hackney of Whitehorse, who was our Rendezvous queen in 1990, for writing this history of all our beautiful Rendezvous queens past.

The steamer Vidette wrecked in Lake Laberge, October 1917

Above is the May West, also known as the Vidette. It was 134 tonnes. I believe it was one of three steamboats that got wrecked and sank in Lake Laberge.

this steamboat also sank in lake laberge like the a.j. goddard

The recent discovery of the wreck of the A.J. Goddard in Lake Laberge will probably renew interest in searching for steamers like the Thistle and the Vidette, which also sank beneath the lake's surface.

whats the history of this old crow cabin

Is it still standing and what time period was it built? Who lived there? About 15 to 17 years ago, the Vuntut Gwich'in brought myself, Chris Caldwell and Alan Edzerza to Old Crow for four days to teach school children something about our artwork.

what is the history of sam mcgees cabin

Sam McGee's cabin now stands in the yard of the MacBride Museum in Whitehorse.

people of eagle alaska or fortymile city yt

I believe the First Nation people featured in this column's old photo are probably from the Eagle, Alaska, area. It's a very interesting photograph of the very old and the very young.

Information on the steamer Monarch

Thank you very much to Paul and Alice Cyr, of Tagish, for their reply to my November 2 column about the steamer Monarch. I really appreciate their encouragement and interest. Their letter follows: Dear Jim: We love your regular feature in the News.

Arrival of Monarch at Dawson City, July 21, 1898

The steamer Monarch weighed 463 tonnes and was built at Ballard, Washington, in 1898. It was towed to St. Michael, Alaska, from Seattle, Washington.

An interesting view inside a gold dredge

All I know about this dredge photo is that it's Dredge No. 10 and the photograph was taken in 1939. I have seen another old photograph from the Yukon Archives, and it is a similar setting with the levers and windows, etc.

Freight truck that ran between Mayo and the mines

A view of Malcolm McCown's fully loaded freight truck. McCown is standing at the rear of the truck and Harry Yamaski, who owned the Galena Hotel in Keno City, is at the front. The photograph was taken in Mayo around 1924 to '25, by William S.

White Pass and Yukon Route ticket office at Whitehorse, YT

A big thank you to Dan Kemble of Southern Lakes Woodwork of Caribou Crossing (Carcross) for a very interesting letter and photograph.

taylor mcgundy in the muskrat camp

The late Taylor McGundy and Mary Luke had a muskrat camp not too far from Carmacks. Taylor is seen here with stretched beaver and muskrat skins. The photograph was taken roughly 25 to 30 years ago by myself.

A great old photograph of Carcross, formerly called Caribou Crossing

This old black-and-white photograph was taken by Mickey McCarthy. It's one of the nicest old photographs I've seen of Carcross. The photograph was probably taken in the 1940s.

Could be Teslin people?

The above photograph appeared on an old postcard I got from my old friend, the late Fred Good. It looks like the type of photo the late George Johnston would take.

Which Casca is it?

Evidently there were three Cascas built. Which one is in the above photograph? Photographer Richard Hartmier thinks it was No. 2.

the takhini river ferry

The above old photograph was taken June 24, 1934 on Lloyd Ryder's 12th birthday. It was his birthday party. Lloyd's dad's truck is on the ferry.

Do you know anything about the ‘Darlin’?

Thank you to D.H. Cameron of Edmonton, for the following request.