Jim Robb

the a.j. goddard leaving bennett for dawson city in september 1899

Is the steamboat in this photograph the same boat that was recently found sunk in Lake Laberge? The wreck of the A.J. Goddard and its discovery by Doug Davidge continues to be the subject of much study and publicity.

Some of my favourite northern artists

There are many talented artists in the Yukon and Alaska. Sidney Lawrence is probably the most famous Alaskan artist, but my state favourite is Eustace Paul Ziegler, whose pen-and-ink drawing is shown in this column.

the yukon order of pioneers official banner

In this old photograph, some officers of the Yukon Order of Pioneers, Dawson City Lodge, show the lodge's official banner. Probably, this beautiful historic banner was destroyed when Dawson's old Pioneer log building burned in the not so distant past.

sketch of the original skookum jim house

Many years ago, I made the above sketch of the original Skookum Jim House.

The ’98 Hotel building through the years

I believe that the "98" Hotel and bar originally was a dance hall, then later a roller-skating rink, and eventually became a cocktail lounge. Cal Miller was the early bar manager but I believe Harold Denison and others first opened the place.

Diamond Tooth Gertie’s once called the Arctic Brotherhood Hall

As I mentioned in my March 3 column, Howard Firth of Whitehorse told me his dad was once the president of the Arctic Brotherhood in Dawson City. Here is part of the clipping about his grandfather T.A.

Postcard of Yukon steamers at winter quarters near Dawson

Much of northern history can be found on old postcards such as on the one above, which is on this Japanese Bazaar Shop card, a Dawson City publisher of postcards. Also, the Zaccarelli Store in Dawson City published 48 cards, or more.

Interest in the Old Keno Assay Office

The photograph on the right is of the old Keno Assay Office. The newspaper ad on the right kind of says that Dawson City and William Sime had an earlier assay office there. Also, I want to say thank you very much to R.

the old whitehorse post office

The old Whitehorse post office was located on the corner of Front Street (First Avenue) and Lambert Street. As you can see in the photograph, it was a unique and beautiful building. It also housed the town's and territory's courtroom.

crew of the steamer thistle

The above photograph is of the crew of the steamer Thistle at Ross River in 1922. Alex Van Bibber of Champagne, Yukon, had previously sent me a letter on March 20, telling me about the sinking of the Thistle.

an interview at claim 33 on bonanza creek yukon

I was involved with the making of a short film a few years ago.

harrys first time outside since the gold rush some 55 years before

The Bonanza Creek miner Harry Lehmon pouring the drinks for the boys in the Capital Hotel Bar - right of Harry is Cal Miller, Alex Berry, Lloyd Ryder and Jack Graham.

this is what whitehorse looked like when i arrived in 1955

I arrived here in Whitehorse in March of 1955. It was a different town then. It was a different town then. The population was around 5,000 and there were no traffic lights, paved roads, parking meters or even plumbing.

gold pan saloon characters

A good representation of the Colourful Five Per Cent is shown in this photograph taken at the Gold Pan Saloon in Whitehorse. This picture was taken fairly recently.

bill ford and the frozen wolf outside the kitchen at porcupine jct

Thank you to Bill Ford for the following information and story. I really appreciate this, Bill. (He also submitted the photo). It shows Bill posing in front of the wolf. Bill is a fellow member of the Yukon Order of Pioneers.

Discovery Day parade in Dawson City in 1958

Members of the Yukon Order of Pioneers march in the Discovery Day parade in Dawson City. On the far left of the photograph you can see the Yukon Order of Pioneers Hall (which burned down many years ago since this photo was taken.

Another colourful character gone a free spirit who once lived in the Shipyards area

You never forget people like Peter Kramer. Always friendly and helpful, he greeted everyone with a warm smile and hearty handshake. Thank you to Brian Eaton for his letter and information on Peter's life.

The ballpark at Fourth and Main, Whitehorse

Thank you very much to Les McLaughlin of Ottawa, formerly of the Yukon, for the following information about the ballpark that once sat on the site of the Elijah Smith Building. Les does wonderful work through his stories and research on the Yukon.

early keno assay office

The writing on the back of the above old photograph says, "William Sime - Keno assayer and Bill Cathro." They are standing on a porch outside an old log building bearing a sign saying, "Government Assay Office." It's probably in Keno.

whitehorses downtown ballpark is part of the past

This ballpark was situated where the Elijah Smith Building now stands on Whitehorse's Main Street in the 1940s, and perhaps before. Most of the town came to watch the games. There, both nonnative and First Nation fans cheered their teams.