Jim Robb

Who ran the cafe?

This is a flood in Mayo, probably in 1936. Does anyone out there know the year for sure? It would be quite interesting to know who ran the cafe in the photo above. It was taken by William Hare, of Mayo.

more on the mystery arch bridge

I received another interesting letter about the ice bridge, which I wrote about in the original column titled The Tricks of Nature. The letter came from Linda Reed of Atlin, BC.

the musher who would be king reprise

This is a photograph of Larry (Cowboy) Smith on a hunt in the 1960s. It was taken by the late Lorna Walmsley, who was the camp cook. It is a wonderful shot.

more about the melbourne hotel of dawson city

As mentioned before, this gold-rush-era hotel had many names through the years. The original, of course, was the Melbourne Hotel. Then the Principal Hotel.

bill miller of atlin bc writes about the atlin inn

Bill Miller of Atlin, BC, submitted the above photo because it shows the completed building, and the photo I used in a previous column didn't. The photo came from the Atlin Historical Society's archives.

tribute to alice martin our first and one of our most beautiful sourdough r

Alice Martin was our first Yukon Sourdough Rendezvous Queen. She was from Dawson City, and was a truly beautiful Queen of the Rendezvous. She recently passed away.

the hector claim first staked in 1920

There is much interest throughout the Keno-Mayo and Calumet area today as there was in the 1920s. The photograph shown is "a view of Clem Sinyard's shaft on his Hector claim in 1935.

sam mcgees cabins first location

Thank you to Pam Phillips of Whitehorse for the following note. By the way, I have been looking for the photo of Sam McGee's cabin, which is on an old postcard. I haven't found it yet but I will, and I'll get in touch with you.

intake keepers cabin on the klondike river

The above photograph is of the Intake Keeper's Cabin at South Fork intake and the end of civilization on the Klondike River. "The dog team is ready to start for upriver. The musher's last name was Hoffman.

the tricks of nature

This bridge of ice is probably the result of ice leftover from a melted glacier. I believe the photograph was taken not too far from Atlin, BC by L.C. Read, the town photographer.

Mystery to solve?

I recently received an e-mail indirectly from Doug Davidge about the identity of the inset photograph. It was concerning a photo in my column. The idea behind doing this column is input.

the burning of the historic melbourne hotel in dawson city

This hotel was built in the early days of the Klondike Gold Rush. I believe it was being restored at the time of the fire. It certainly was a tragedy.

More interest in William Sime, one time assayer in Keno City

It was good to hear from somebody who recently came to Whitehorse with the Century of Flight group, and to hear they had a great time in the Yukon.

‘Frank Slim: the last of the steamboat pilots,’ and the SS Keno

I always enjoyed talking to the late Frank Slim. I knew him for many years; he saw many changes in the Yukon during his lifetime. Born near Marsh Lake in 1898, he later moved to Lake Laberge.

al oster is a one of a kind performer songwriter and recording artist who h

Al Oster is one of our Yukon's special and unique legends. His ballads and songs about the Yukon earned him several recognition awards as well as the Order of Canada in 1999.

captain dick stevenson the inventor of the sourtoe cocktail

"Sourtoe" Dick Stevenson is still going strong and looking for a wife. His last wife left him so he's looking for another. He says he prefers a nice Chinese lady.

the atlin inn

This photograph shows the Atlin Inn on Atlin Lake, BC. I think the hotel was owned by the White Pass and Yukon Route Railway Co. This photo was taken in 1910 by L.C. Read, who was based in Atlin.

The mystery arch bridge

I was wondering if this unique, mysterious arch was a result of ice from the leftovers of a glacier. It is an L.C.

Interest in the Melbourne Hotel

E.R. Van Miert of Bellingham, Washington, is interested in some of the history of the Melbourne Hotel, which was an original 1898 Klondike Gold Rush-era hotel.

the white pass hotel

The White Pass Hotel was located at the corner of First Avenue and Main Street in Whitehorse. I did the above sketch (pen and ink) years ago. This is what the block looked like in the mid-1950s.