Jim Robb

The old Caribou bar, in Carcross

I made the painting above more than 30 years ago. It was one of several I painted in Carcross. The others were of the Matthew Watson Store, the dining room of the Caribou Hotel, John Johns' old cabin, and one called Caribou Crossing.

steve veerman yukon farmer of four decades

Thanks to Peter Percival for the following information and interesting, colourful story: That's Steve Veerman on the tractor with Mount Lorne in the background.

Skookum Jim Hall and the De Mands Band

Every time I see my good friend Malcolm Dawson (pictured), memories of yesterday come to mind, such as dances at Skookum Jim Hall. At one time Malcolm played in a band called The De-Mands.

An interesting unidentified photograph

The people in this photograph are unidentified. This interesting picture arrived with a batch of negatives from Dawson City that once belonged to an early-day resident of the Klondike. Where it was taken and who the photographer was are not known.

where did polly the parrots cage go

The above sketch is of the Caribou Hotel's dining room in Carcross. Polly the parrot's cage is shown in the front window. During a recent trip to Carcross, I met Jamie Toole, who is restoring the Caribou Hotel.

Burning anger

Please write in to this column if you are not happy about the Yukon government's land management branch decision to burn wilderness cabins.

Is this the old Jacquot brothers’ barn in Burwash?

I hope somebody, perhaps from Burwash, will write with information about the old building above. This photo was taken many years ago.

historic wooden bridge identified

Yes, I thought it had to be the old wooden Tagish Bridge and now Pam Buckway confirms it. Also, in her email she mentions Jack Gibson. He was a very intelligent gentleman.

bob cameron identifies location of back alley photograph

Bob Cameron has identified this Whitehorse photograph. I could not remember the downtown back-alley scene. I should have, because I was here.

whitehorse copper machinery

Thanks to Paul Wray for sending in the following photo and information. His letter follows. Hi Jim: The old mining equipment in the paper came from the Grafter mine, which is next to the Arctic Chief.

This cabin is finally identified

After many columns, we finally pinned down its location and some of its history. "The cabin, still in use and well maintained, is the last of several buildings that were at the South Fork Intake on the Klondike River," wrote Greg Brunner, of Dawson City.

george johnston preserved his peoples history

George Johnston brought the first automobile into Teslin. He painted his four-door Chevrolet sedan white and put chains on the wheels so he could hunt more efficiently on frozen lakes and rivers.

a photograph believed to have been taken in whitehorse in the 1950s

The picture was taken by Josef Raber of Raber Photo Service and was submitted by Samson Hartland, who believes it was taken in Whitehorse. Hartland collects old photographs and other Yukon-related items, as I do.

characters were special in their own way

I believe I took this photograph in the old Shannon Lounge, now called the 202 Lounge, in the 1970s or early '80s. The two characters are unidentified. I often saw my good friend the late Pete Brady there.

old machinery may have served old whitehorse copper mines

I took these photographs quite a few years ago, about 15 to 20 miles south of Whitehorse. Just where, I don't remember, but it was along the Alaska Highway, I believe.

in keno city a good time was had by all

At this year's solstice, I went to Keno with some friends. I had a very enjoyable time there, Mike Mancini and friends showed great hospitality and treated us well. I love Mancini's collection of signs and posters of all types in his cafe.

A 1914 scene in Goldbottom, Yukon

A Goldbottom scene is shown in the above photograph by one of my favourite photographers, Wolfe Photo of Dawson City.

a tragedy in the north

This painting depicts "The body of a Cape Nome prospector found frozen on the ice of the Bering Sea." The painting is made from a photograph by W.R.

The A.B.C. Bohemian (beer brand) sold during the Klondike Gold Rush

An interesting and very old tin beer sign was found in Dawson City's Westminster Hotel. I'm interested in old Yukon doors, which I use for frames, and while looking for one years ago I located an interesting old tin beer sign.

interesting people ive met through the years

I've photographed many people through the years. For most of them, I knew something about their history. But not these two men.