Jesse Winter

KDFN councillor joins run for chief’s chair

Raymond Sydney has some ambitious plans for the Kwanlin Dun First Nation. Currently a councillor with the First Nation’s government, Sydney has spent long stretches working as the acting chief, and helped the community go through the last eight years...

In the field with National Geographic

"You have to be shooting all the time." It's a common refrain in the photography community: don't forget to ABC - Always Bring your Camera. It’s an easy rule to forget, or not take seriously, but that simple mistake can be a most crucial one.

  • Feb 14, 2014

The Sheepdogs, Elliott Brood headline this year’s Rendezvous festival

After nearly three years on the road, Ryan Gullen and his band mates needed a break. The timing couldn’t have been better, really, because their first gig back on the road is also the first time that the Sheepdogs’ bassist and his comrades will play the Yukon.

City passes $68M operations budget

Whitehorse city council has passed its lowest tax increase in a decade. The 2014 operations and maintenance budget passed third reading at city council on Monday night.

2013 sets cross border visits record

More people crossed the border into the Yukon last year than ever before. The increase in visitors in 2013 from 2012 is nearly equal to the population of Whitehorse.

Federal budget keeps funds flowing to Yukon

The Yukon is getting another bump in its annual funding from Ottawa. The territory's federal transfer payment this year will be $898 million, up from $860 million last year.

Doris Bill joins race to be Kwanlin Dun chief

Kwanlin Dun First Nation citizens will have a new chief come March 19. The First Nation is holding elections for its chief and council next month, and current chief Rick O’Brien is not seeking re-election.

Massie slams ‘disrespectful’ Yukon government

Grand Chief Ruth Massie says the Yukon government is misrepresenting its relationship with Yukon First Nations.

A home in a box

Imagine a home you could build in a week: one that came in a box, could fit almost anywhere and could be heated with two electric space heaters.

NorthwesTel lowers fees on Internet use

NorthwesTel has further dropped the fees it charges Internet users who exceed their monthly usage limits to $3 per gigabyte, from $5.

New WildPlay venture could help settle Sima debt

Mount Sima's WildPlay summer adventure park might get a second lease on life this summer. A group of local investors is working with Friends of Sima to find a way to get the adventure park open again.

Around and roundabout we go

Exhaust fumes and frustration hang in the air as commuter vehicles inch along Lewes Boulevard Tuesday morning. It's 8:25 a.m. and the Riverdale Rush is at its peak.

Up, up and away

Ben Sanders doesn't normally jump out of helicopters, especially when they are hovering a few scant metres above an American mountainside.

Dawsonite’s moose confirmed as world record

It’s official. Dawsonite Heinz Naef’s enormous moose rack is the new world record. Naef shot the bull moose back in September. At the time, he suspected the animal’s antlers might be a record.

Businesses critical of WCB expansion

The Yukon Workers' Compensation Health and Safety Board is spending $5.5 million to build an 11,000 square foot expansion of its headquarters. The WCB's board of directors says the expansion is sorely needed.

After 45 years, Fire Chief Sparks calls it a career

When Clive Sparks joined the Porter Creek fire department in 1969, he was given some boots, a helmet, a jacket and some gloves. "The only requirement was a proper driver's licence.

Crunch time for Eagle Plain exploration

A late start to the winter has Northern Cross in a hurry to finish its first season of exploration activities at Eagle Plain before spring.

First Nations demand royalty sharing deal

First Nations demand royalty sharing deal Unsettled First Nations have re-issued a call for the Yukon government to negotiate on free-entry claim staking in their territories.

Daycare worker fights subsidy cuts

When it comes to childcare worker qualifications in the territory, it seems that experience counts for little. At least that's how Stephanie Joyeux sees it.

Show us the money: chamber to city

The Whitehorse Chamber of Commerce wants to know exactly how the city is spending public money.