James Munson

Hospital board to keep jacked up paycheques

Yukon Hospital Corporation board members who were overpaid for six months won't return the money they were given, Craig Tuton said Wednesday.

Miners wanted more out of claim fee deal: e mails

Miners only received half of their demands when the territory forgave claim fees in the Peel Watershed last March, according to documents obtained through an access to information request.

The Great Turning comes North

Joanna Macy is one of the green movement's old lionesses - a woman who began her quest to boost environmental awareness by breaking into a nuclear reactor in the 1970s.

Outsider challenges Liberal nomination for downtown

Local musician and business owner Patrick Singh threw his hat in the race for the Liberal nomination in Whitehorse centre mere hours after political insider Kirk Cameron announced his candidacy.

Peel Watershed: you use it, you lose it

Jimmy Johnny was growing tired of the pesky reporters he was guiding. Back in Mayo, he didn't mind mingling with these strangers.

You’re more of a virgin than you think

Jack Scully, the protagonist in last year's blockbuster Avatar, is a virgin, says screenwriting theorist Kim Hudson.

Miners say Peel commission endorsed ‘quasi religious’ values

Documents obtained through access to information reveal an aggressive, behind-the-scenes campaign by miners to blunt the land-use planning process and keep the Peel Watershed open to development.

Yukon calls French judge ‘biased’

The Yukon government is accusing a judge of bias following his order the government must fund three teachers at the Yukon's only French high school.

FTA negotiations on hold as ‘fiscal restraint’ hits Ottawa

Council of Yukon First Nations Grand Chief Ruth Massie is criticizing Canada for refusing to expand negotiations over financial transfer agreements with Yukon First Nations.

What is alcoholism?

Being addicted to alcohol doesn’t make you an alcoholic, said Neal Berger, executive director of The Cedars at Cobble Hill treatment centre in Vancouver.

FASD remains a heavy price of boozing

When it comes to fetal alcohol spectrum disorder, there’s one thing everyone can agree on – an expectant mother who drinks while pregnant can irrevocably damage her unborn child.

First Nations seek to heal the mind, body and spirit on the land

Nora MacIntosh has been waiting for this moment for months. “I’m sober,” she says, crediting the newly-opened Jackson Lake Land-Based Healing Centre north of Whitehorse.

Focus on the child, banish the booze

‘This is my fourth time up here and you still haven’t gotten your act together,” said Fraser Mustard, jabbing his finger at Liberal Leader Arthur Mitchell and independent MLA Brad Cathers.

Skookum silent on assault

Little Salmon/Carmacks First Nation Chief Eddie Skookum won't address his recent assault charges in the United States. "I'm not saying nothing," said Skookum, who briefly answered his cellphone on Thursday.

Na cho Nyak Dun to dig for heat

The Na-Cho Nyak Dun First Nation is drilling wells for geothermal heat despite problems with older wells in the vicinity.

Peel plan heads into the home stretch

The Peel Watershed Recommended Land-Use Plan is now under public consultation, but the power to interpret citizens' remarks remains with the Yukon cabinet and First Nations chiefs.

Opening the auditory universe

Merrill Garbus' one-woman band, Tune-yards, used the Palace Grand in Dawson to remodel her audience's ears.

Government doesn’t need raw data to make good decisions: Strahl

Indian and Northern Affairs Minister Chuck Strahl contradicted his own top bureaucrat Tuesday by suggesting raw statistics don't help the government make better decisions.

Police seek help in vehicle thefts

RCMP are asking the public to keep an eye out for two vehicles stolen in Riverdale last week.

Six charged in Whitehorse drug ring

Police raided two homes, seized tens of thousands of dollars in drugs, and arrested six men in a sting last week.