James Munson

Liard First Nation’s political attack a dud

The Liard First Nation wants to create a small national park beside a mining project it continues to vocally oppose.

Lobird blasters fined

The contractors who sent rocks flying into people’s living rooms in a botched construction blast two years ago must pay over $50,000 in fines, a Yukon court decided Friday.

Shelter has shower woes

The Salvation Army shelter's shower has been broken for a month. Shelter clients have been gripping about the closure, but it was a crisis five years in the making, said Judy Lightening, the shelter manager.

Yukoner heads to the HIV front lines

Stephanie Bamforth is finally going to do the kind of nursing she's always wanted. In a month, she'll be tending the sick in Oudalan province, Burkina Faso, where people live in raised thatched homes to keep from being buried in sandstorms.

Dana Naye gives itself a handout, doesn’t do research

Amid the sawdust and plywood at Kilrich Construction's truss factory, Minister of Democratic Renewal Stephen Fletcher announced $213,000 of government money is heading to the company's coffers.

Heavy metal on the auction block

On Wednesday, pickups line the Alaska Highway outside the Ritchie Brothers' auction site, where the fleet of vehicles once owned by Golden Hill Ventures is up for sale. At the entrance, a sign reads, "Enter at your own risk.

DUI culprit caught wasted on ATV

A man banned from getting behind the wheel due to drunk driving convictions was caught driving his ATV while wasted on Thursday.

Get Out!

Dr. Egg and the Man with No Ear mixes puppetry, stop-motion animation, original music and physical performance, creating a Pixar-like theatre piece that's suitable for the whole family.

Oil spills under Dawson

Oil has been spilling underneath a Dawson City building for an undetermined period of time.

Alleged murderers undergoing preliminary trial

A preliminary trial for two suspects who alledgedly murdered a man in the Ibex Valley began yesterday in a Yukon court. Norman Larue and Christina Asp are charged with murdering Gordon Seybold in his Whitehorse-area home in March 2008.

Companies want coal, nuclear and fossil fuel power

Mining companies want power plants that run on coal, nuclear fuel, oil and natural gas in the Yukon, according to government consultation documents.

Diesel prices drip onto power bills

Power utilities are bracing for more diesel on the electrical grid and preparing customers for the higher tab. In 2012, the Yukon's power demands will outstrip the grid's hydro supply.

Territory to share list of energy lobbyists

On Friday morning, Energy, Mines and Resources decided to lift the veil of secrecy surrounding a list of lobbyists who are advising the government on its future power policy.

Staffing and communications gap plague NRC

The National Research Council's only Whitehorse office has no staff and hasn't supplied money to local technology companies for two years.

Alexco gets electrified, set to pump out ore

Alexco Resources is commissioning its silver and lead mill east of Keno this week and will begin processing ore any day now. Save for a decision on how to transport the ore, the mine is pretty much a go.

Visiting balladeers to benefit African school children

They're nation builders in the style of Stan Rogers and Gordon Lightfoot, building a sense of country through song. But Kent Fiddy and David Sinclair will play Hellaby Hall on Saturday for a benefit beyond our shores.

Phelps’ fledgling party still flapping

The United Citizens Group is still willing to wage electoral war on the governing Yukon Party, despite the cancellation of its founding convention this summer.

Trevor is homeless again

The Kluane First Nation has refused to let Trevor the dog live within its traditional territory. The Mae Bachur Animal Shelter was hoping to send the troubled pooch to a home near Burwash Landing.

Military finds live phosphorus flare

A military explosives team has retrieved a live phosphorous flare left behind by search and rescue exercises in Marsh Lake two weeks ago.

Liard First Nation snubs Selwyn’s party

Chinese executives from the mining venture Selwyn-Chihong are still learning how to do business in the Yukon. During an evening of congratulatory glad-handing and gift giving at the Yukon Transportation Museum on September 29, the Chinese were caught empty handed.