James Munson

Truck strikes dog downtown

A woman whose dog was struck by a truck last Wednesday believes the driver hit her Pomeranian on purpose, say police. he was parked on Second Avenue in front of Latitude Wireless when she walked to the driver’s side with her dog following behind her.

Yukon dragged into fight over mining accountability overseas

Ottawa will not punish Canadian mining corporations involved in human rights abuses overseas.

Companies with a conscience in the North

When you boil it down, the heated rhetoric of today's political fights revolves around one basic question: is government or private enterprise better at solving a problem? If an organization is set up to perform a social good -

Cannor’s accountability problem

Cannor is refusing to comment on a conflict of interest in a $213,000 grant to a local construction company.

Fire on the mountain

Three youths were nabbed by police after starting a fire on Grey Mountain, Monday afternoon. A person in a vehicle noticed a fire near the Grey Mountain Cemetery just after 5 p.m.

First Nations, enviros get a voice in court

First Nations and environmentalists won a major hurdle last week in their legal battle against a mining company near Carmacks.

Whitehorse detective helps bring down psychopathic murderer

Disgraced former colonel Russell Williams wouldn't be behind bars today if it weren't for one hardworking Whitehorse forensics expert.

Another Yukon mine gets its ducks in a row

Chad Williams talks like an analyst. He sums up his reasons for joining Victoria Gold, a mining company hoping to dig for gold near Mayo, in cold, calculated candour.

Suspected murderers to stand trial

The murder charges against Norman Larue and Christine Asp will proceed to trial, a Yukon judge decided last week.

Varietease does Halloween

Now undergoing its fourth incarnation, Varietease has officially become a burlesque franchise. ver the last two years, the ragtag troupe of dancers, artists and entertainers who make up Varietease have done two traditional burlesque shows and a burlesque carnival.

Union wants to build training centre

The college is too small to train enough pipefitters, plumbers, electricians and carpenters for the territory, says the United Association of Journeymen and Apprentices of the Plumbing and Pipefitting Industry.

Treasure in the tailings

A California businessman sees profits under the vast moonscape near Mount Sima. Chuck Eaton, an investment banker, wants to drain all the magnetite from the 68.8 hectares of tailings at the former Whitehorse Copper mine.

Mapping creatures before the people come

The Yukon government is getting a cash infusion from Ottawa to map animal movements in regions ripe for development.

Cannor silent on conflict of interest

A federal agency won't answer questions surrounding a conflict of interest in a recent $213,000 grant to a local construction company.

Golden Hill could still have some cleaning to do

Golden Hill Ventures isn't off the hook for environmental damage related to two court convictions made Tuesday.

Unions deserve credit for employer award: hospital

The head of the Yukon Hospital Corporation is taking the high road after one of the hospital's unions denounced a top employer award the corporation won last week.

Hospital award draws doubts from union

The Yukon Hospital Corporation will be one of Canada's top 100 employers next year.

Games centre sexual assault hits the legislature

A man who allegedly sexually assaulted a child in a Canada Games Centre change room last Thursday is behind bars pending a psychiatric assessment.

Today goldfish, tomorrow …

One of the few confirmed aquatic outsiders making their way into Yukon bodies of water are goldfish. Apparently, parents unable to kill little Goldie have been releasing the fish in a pond at the Takhini Hot Springs.

Golden Hill guilty of environmental damage

Golden Hill Ventures was found guilty on two charges related to storing waste and spilling petroleum at sites across the Yukon yesterday. The construction company was guilty of not maintaining a berm and letting oil spill into the ground.