James Munson

Chiefs slighted by ministers

Energy, Mines and Resources Minister Patrick Rouble snubbed two Yukon First Nation chiefs yesterday by cancelling a meeting at the last minute.

Panelists fail to make case for electoral change

Tuesday night's debate on electoral reform was over, but municipal councillor Dave Stockdale was still seething, his red face buried in his hands.

Police blow up rogue flare

National Defence provided false information on live phosphorus flares left in Marsh Lake after search-and-rescue exercises took place there in September.

Liard First Nation: doing less with more

The Liard First Nation has received more federal money than any other Yukon First Nation to negotiate an impact-benefit agreement (IBA) with a mining company, but has been the least successful at signing one.

Children march in memory of toddler

A dozen children marched along Second Avenue on Wednesday morning to memorialize a toddler who died from choking. The three- to six-year-olds who make up the Montessori Borealis Preschool were dressed in full winter garb for the chilly morning.

Housing Corp. discloses oil spill size

An oil spill beneath an apartment complex in Dawson City released around 5,000 gallons of heating oil into the ground last month.

Trevor muzzled for life

Trevor the dog was issued a life sentence this week. The Rottweiler/shepherd cross can now live at the Yukon Humane Society's animal shelter permanently, the Yukon Supreme Court ruled Monday. But it won't be a charmed existence, Justice Ron Veale ruled.

Stonewalling whistle blower legislation from the Speaker’s chair

Ted Staffen used his power as Speaker of the legislative assembly to quash complaints about his handling of a committee on whistle-blower protection.

A million voices speaking French

Veronique Herry St. Onge should have gone to Madagascar when she signed up for the 2010 Francophonie Summit. But a coup d'etat in the island nation forced organizers to relocate to Montreux, Switzerland, a ritzy lakeside town in the Swiss Alps.

Woman dies in head on collision on Alcan

A woman is dead after colliding with a truck on an icy stretch of the Alaska Highway Thursday evening. Aliesha Narain, 33, was travelling north in her Honda when she began descending a hill near the Wolf Creek campground.

Cannor was warned about Dana Naye

The Canadian Northern Economic Development Agency could have avoided a recent controversy if it had followed a report that recommended it stop using Dana Naye Ventures to hand out grants.

Carmacks man found dead

A Carmacks man was found dead in the Yukon River, Tuesday evening. Robert Shorty, 42, was discovered floating in a shallow part of the river just eight minutes after a search-and-rescue team was deployed Tuesday evening.

Faro’s bullet train litigation explained

Can someone get a court ruling against you without your knowledge in less than two days? Yes, according to Yukon's court rules. That's what the town of Faro tried to pull off earlier this week against a couple living on land not zoned residential.

First Nations try to undo the past with pipeline research

The Alaska Gas pipeline may be years away, but First Nations along its proposed route aren't taking any chances. The pipeline - which is probably more than a decade away - could one day rival the effects of early colonialism.

Bafflement over airport break in

RCMP investigators in Dawson City are stumped by a break-in at the town's airport. In the early morning hours of October 24, someone broke into the airport by smashing a window with a grey ashtray. A small amount of cash was stolen.

Faro turns up the heat in fight to evict couple

The town of Faro tried to evict two residents from their home without informing them of the court hearing on Tuesday.

Whitehorse seeks end of Trevor saga

Justice Ron Veale faces three choices in deciding the fate of Trevor the dog. Whitehorse, exasperated by $45,000 in legal fees and 15 months of court hearings, wants Veale to order Trevor euthanized.

Cannor’s missing conflict of interest rules

It isn't clear whether the Canadian Northern Economic Development Agency has any conflict-of-interest rules when it doles out millions of dollars in economic development money.

Caribou to herd tourists toward Carcross gift shops

Carcross wants you to follow the giant, metal caribou. That's because the tiny, historical village is the victim of a long-standing highway construction nightmare.

Thieves target gun lockers

A string of gun thefts has cops worried about weapons ending up in the hands of professional criminals. Over a dozen firearms and a car were stolen last Thursday night from the New Constabulary subdivision in Marsh Lake.