Ian Stewart

Faster, cheaper, leaner and greener

Shawn Ryan has cracked the code. That's how he described the system he developed with GroundTruth Exploration, which is poised to revolutionize the way mineral deposits are found.

Virtual treading in pristine lands

Marten Berkman has spent a good part of his life photographing majestic landscapes in far flung places, like Ellesmere Island, Baffin Island, Ivvavik National Park and the Nahanni River.

Firewood without flakes

There's an endangered species roaming the forests from Haines Junction to Whitehorse these days - the solitary and elusive independent Yukon woodcutter. 

Film fest looks to the North

In 1968, a teenage John Walker packed up his 35mm camera and boarded a coast guard supply ship, headed for the most remote communities of Canada's Arctic - known then as "Eskimo" country.

Frozen Globes honour northern business

A pan-northern business crowd gathered around a dripping ice sculpture at the High Country Inn on Thursday for the Frozen Globe Awards.

Piecing together Yukon’s dinosaurs, one fossil at a time

Truckloads of mammoth and bison bones arrive at the Yukon palaeontology unit every year, dug up by placer miners, adding to an impressive collection of Ice Age specimens.

Firefighters seek new recruits

In 1969, Clive Sparks was driving a water truck for the territorial government. He figured that he could also drive a water truck to a house fire, so he signed up for the Porter Creek Volunteer Fire Department. “‘Let’s see if a coat and boots will fit you,’” said Sparks. “That was my basic training.” Forty-five years later, Sparks is chief of the Whitehorse Fire Department.

Fleshing out the fossil record

Julius Csotonyi is a time traveller. With his scientific mind and artist's eye, he produces a vision of the prehistoric world, a time before humanity.

Golden Horn gets hounded

Ian Stewart Staff A small but enthusiastic crew of athletic dogs and owners descended on an overgrown airstrip at Hans Gatt's kennels in Golden Horn on Sunday for the Dog Powered Sports Association of Yukon's September race.

Thirty six hours in the Peel

Karen Baltgailis' vision of the Peel was fading. Actually fading. So we had to cut our trip short. The 54-year-old conservationist was at Bonnet Plume Lake in the Peel Watershed...

Grande Mothers unfit for Canada

The Grande Mothers won't be bringing the stinging satiric sounds of Frank Zappa's music to the Yukon Arts Centre tonight. Two of the band members were turned away at the Canadian border on Wednesday.

Hidden Valley softballers left holding the bat

Softball Yukon didn’t want to put itself in Harms’ way. But that’s exactly what it did when it refused to allow Hidden Valley…

Sabo first to the top of Haeckel Hill Run

It’s more than seven kilometres long… it has 600 metres of vertical rise. It takes place on a rutted, gravel road.

Whitehorse Dental Donkeys take opening slo pitch tourney

Twenty-eight teams picked up the bats for this weekend’s opening tourney at the Pepsi Softball Centre, and when the dust settled, the…

Grundmanis, Terry squash the competition

The Better Bodies & Squash Yukon 2008 Junior Squash Championships hit the courts this weekend, wrapping up the competitive squash season for…

Warriors’ alumni tournament hoops it up

FH Collins Secondary School made Yukon basketball history this weekend. Former high school players representing 35 years of FH Warriors teams…

Caron shines on Surrey ice

Local skater Kevin Caron finished first in the junior men’s free skate and second in the senior men’s short events last weekend at the…

Zahab is running for change

Running a marathon is tough for even the fittest people … what about running nearly two marathons, everyday, for two weeks? That’s what…

Epic paddle ahead … greenhorns need not apply

Do you understand the meaning of Big Empty?” That was how Peter Coates put it to a Kiwi paddler on the subject of the Yukon 1000 — a…

Gowdie’s map a boon for wayward bikers

Whitehorse mountain biker Paul Gowdie spent last summer riding as many of the trails around the city as he could, GPS in hand.