Heather Bennett

Booze makes the heart grow fonder

Dear Uma; The book you so kindly mailed to me was much appreciated but, sorry to say, more for the gesture and intent than the tome itself.

young visitor discovers beauty and sorrow in the north

Dear Uma: You know how I feel about children; back in the days when it was possible, my response to the question of whether or not I myself wanted…

Sentenced to the hot place

Dear Uma: Pete got home last week. Once again, three weeks apart and I seem to forget how to live with another person in the house.

on reading politics and the comfort of yukoners

Best Uma, Thanks for the book; I’ve been meaning to read it for ages. You and I’ll be having endless online discussions with this one.

is moose rage recent

Dear Uma, One of the best things about living in Watson Lake is the stories I hear. The ones I overhear are often unsatisfactory because I can…

Ravens rule the roost in Watson

Dear Uma In the 20 or so years we’ve known each other, I don’t think I’ve ever written and phoned you as often as I have since I…

Melon is Watson Lake’s gold

Yo Uma! Remember when we first got here and Pete and I were having the big debate about whether to get a dog or not? I really wanted one for the…