Heather Bennett

Time for voters to be calm and assertive

Dear Uma: I know I am constantly swearing off politics and just as constantly end up paying attention again, kind of like my relationship with martinis and junk food.

discovering the minoans and insights about change

Dear Uma Recently, we had a weekend longer than Saturday and Sunday in order to accommodate Discovery Day, which is a holiday only in Yukon.

Autumn and the onset of good intentions

Dear Uma: Today, out walking, I saw a little group of deciduous trees by the side of the road that has gone yellow.

hair today groomed tomorrow

Dear Uma: How was that for a timely meeting? Edmonton during the Fringe Festival was a great surprise. I'd never heard of it and there it was happening, all famous and international.

our politicians just arent up for the climate crisis

Dear Uma: The wild animals are moving into town, and why not? Aside from some cultural differences, they not only fit right into the populace but have better manners. A bison was reported to be window shopping in front of a local business, a lumberyard.

Keep that ferret in your pants

Dear Uma: He's here; Theo is here and he is a wonder boy. He's handsome, polite, and tidy, but most importantly he is interested in absolutely everything and everyone. I believe it is called having charm.

fatties poised for takeover

Dear Uma: The headline -- Fatties Cause Global Warming -- made me read it. The two authors were from the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine. Their research led them to conclude overweight people are producing more greenhouse gases.

sometimes the sex gets prickly

Dear Uma: Porcupines, Uma; a porcupine is my latest encounter in the wild. Fascinating creatures, and only beginning a new cycle, I am told by a fellow who is a veritable fount of knowledge about what and who lives in the bush around Watson Lake.

of fires and other pending perils

Dear Uma: Never a dull moment; now there is a forest fire raging all around us. The first summer in years, I'm told, that looks as though it'll be like the ones fondly remembered -- so hot with sun that the mosquitoes are vanquished.

all you need is this bundle of silk and some booze

Dear Uma: Your mom sent me an article of clothing from India; did you get one, too? It appears to be a bundle of silk of various colours and patterns, all sewn together and accompanied by four pages of diagrams on how to transform said bundle to a series

too many are too busy to live

Dear Uma: Thanks for The Great Shift; I really needed to read 256 pages of how much needs to happen in the evolution of human consciousness before 2012 wipes out our miserable, destructive race.

be wary of casting the wrong spell

Dear Uma: Jason called you a pessimist? You? Our very own Rebecca of Sunnybrooke Farm? That would make me laugh if I didn't know you were stinging a bit from the accusation.

sunshine and substitutes for sex

Dear Uma: I am feeling near demented with the excitement of spring! The Sufi whirling helps, but it barely takes the edge off my newfound energy.

Sit back and enjoy the marital show

Dear Uma: You are upset by Jason's news, I can tell, even though you are trying to be happy for him. He is young to be thinking of marriage, I agree, but I think it won't last -- he's infatuated.

teaching old dogs new tics

Dear Uma: Pete's not coming home for his next two weeks off. I hope it has nothing to do with me answering the phone with "Pete who?" when he called last week, or the fact that I scarcely registered his being here on his last two weeks home.

the rules they are a changin

Dear Uma: This is the time of year officially designated as spring, but you would never know it from looking out the window here in Watson Lake.

It’s sometimes hard to reach the high road

Dear Uma: It is just too weird when you are the one telling me about news in Watson Lake! When I am out of Watson Lake I never think to read news online; I don't even take a computer with me unless it is a business trip, so I was truly surprised to come

Deny Dionysus at your peril

Dear Uma: "Have a drink; it'll gladden your heart, gild your liver and flower like a rose in the compost of your bowels." So said that old man of the desert, Edward Abbey, and as with many of the quotes credited to him, this one is politically incorrect

creative cooking earns explosive results

Dear Uma: Since I started taking an interest in cooking, I have been the recipient of many a recipe. Along with these conversations are sometimes included valuable tips on other aspects of cooking: which pots to use, what sort of stove is best, how to pr

history can be a gas

Dear Uma: Costumes, beer, lumpy ice on a frozen lake, sunshine, an enthusiastic crowd - that's the famous outdoor bonspiel in Watson Lake. Finally, curling makes some sense to me as a fun activity. One did not have to be a curler to enjoy the scene, and