Heather Bennett

you can go home again

Dear Uma: It sounds as though the grandson may be actually of more interest than the spring crop of foals.

Patriotism is not always the same as love of place

Dear Uma: Our lengthy telephone conversation last week was one of those events that baffles Pete, especially since several minutes of long-distance time were spent listening to your grandson coo and gurgle.

Yuck factor trumps humanity

Dear Uma: Finally and at last I passed the basic first aid course, earning one of those little cards for my wallet that proclaimed me able to potentially, some day, save someone from shuffling off their mortal coil.

a penny for his thoughts would bring you change

Dear Uma: Feminism, women's rights, equality in the workplace: those subjects have not historically been of particular interest to me, though I do of course support these and all other lofty notions.

coming to a sky near you

Dear Uma: Last weekend while I was watching little children play hockey at the recreation centre some people in Whitehorse were seeing UFOs.

in the depths of winter the mind reels

Dear Uma: It is midwinter and for more than a week now I have been waking up every morning from dreams of sandy beaches under tropical skies.

your cheating heart or not

Dear Uma: I don't think scratches on a husband's back automatically brand him a cheater, Uma, though of course they do give one pause for thought.

diet dangers and how to avoid them

Dear Uma: I have been seriously trying to lose the Xmess pudge, not because I think my marriage is in trouble, but because my mobility is threatened.

skiing in watson lake and meat that gets bathed

Dear Uma: You're right, Canadian politics are different. My opinion of our Parliament being shut down can be summed up with one image, that of the baloney fleeing the slicer.

next to a circus there is nothing that leaves town faster than the christma

Dear Uma: Christmas holidays are too long when one stays home for the duration.

The spirit of Christmas is not in the pudding

Dear Uma: 'Tis the season to be jolly" the old song insists, and here in this small, willing community set in pristine snow it is an easy command to obey as we drive or walk through the squeaking snow and the fog of wood smoke to some of the gatherings o

of meteorites and vocational schools

Dear Uma : Once again, you are ahead of me with news of the North; I was out of town and missed the media buzz about the lawsuit between the Liard First Nation chief and the ex principal of the secondary school.

If New York City can be cleaned up, why not Watson Lake?

Dear Uma: Having winter time on my hands, I have been re-reading Malcolm Gladwell's The Tipping Point, paying particular attention to the section which features the Broken Windows Theory and the Power of Context Principle.

Let the Dragon decide

Dear Uma: The world is a never-ending source of wonder, is it not? There really seems to be no limit on the human imagination; it gives me hope for a future beyond ice caps melting and swine flu and kids drinking the contents of the hand sanitizers in t

A good leader is hard to find

Dear Uma: Why do you suppose so many of my messages to you are about canines? Could it be that they are as ubiquitous to life in the Yukon as is the raven? Today I met Frank Turner, dog musher extraordinaire.

love among the ruins

Dear Uma: Pete and I have lately been doing that thing that infamously happens to married couples - growing apart.

Dog stories dominate winter thoughts

Dear Uma: So many of the best stories I hear in the Yukon feature a dog as the main character.

From conspiracy theories to the Change

Dear Uma: You know I am not one to be overly fond of conspiracy theories, nor am I quick to buy into paranoia, but I am in danger these days of having to consider some pretty wild stuff.

why change if you can change

Dear Uma: I suspect it is upon me, the Change. There are several clues: my temper, historically mellow, has begun to fire up rather dramatically and too often without any real need for pyrotechnics.

nurdles versus noodles

Dear Uma: "A maximum security prison full of anti-social psychopaths constantly trying to escape." These words were once used to describe the nasty, inappropriate thoughts and desires of the subconscious.