Heather Bennett

We’re all ‘smokers’ here and now

Dear Uma: Another summer of smoke and blood red sun as the forest fires devour the trees in various nearby areas.

and the winner is

Dear Uma: Cee went to a spa retreat that promised a refurbished body and an enlightened mind. I too went away, another three days in the bush; this time the cabin was peopled.


Dear Uma,: I have not left Pete; there was a mix up in communications, as in no communication, and he thought I had gone. I had, but not permanently and not for long.

a pet at last or a deadly rival

Dear Uma: The best part of the visit was seeing you again and the worst part was you leaving so soon.

straight talk from the lake

Dear Uma: Wow! the new British prime minister sure blew the whistle on how politics work! He was being interviewed on CBC just prior to the G20 and when asked if he thought these wildly costly get-togethers actually accomplished anything significant (a q

crime and punishment

Dear Uma: A crime wave has struck Watson Lake, with yet another torched business to mar the townscape until such time as it can be cleared.

First Nations people a cash crop?

Dear Uma: The peaceful feeling that resulted from my encounter with the bear lasted for days, and what a wonderful time it was - to go through all the hours of my day in a state of smiling relaxation and with a benign sense of all being well in the world

local politics and a cure for smoking

Thank you for acting as a sounding board, once again.

You can’t have one without the other

Dear Uma: Imagine a culture, a society, without arrogance or envy, luxury and crime, where everyone owns land, and merit, not money, is the measure of a man's worth. In this place there is no silver or gold; the coin of the realm is crude pieces of iron.

visitors that were not like fish

Dear Uma: We watched the movie 2012 the other night; I liked it for all the same reasons Jason liked it and you didn't. The question that occurred to me when the movie was over was why anyone felt it was important to save any politicians.

Silverfox reveals the territory’s two solitudes

Dear Uma: Your disbelief around the story of the death of Raymond Silverfox is understandable; I am still feeling a sickness in my stomach about what happened, and what is not happening, as a result of Siverfox's death.

support cannot be overstated

Dear Uma: Adventurous, always ready to try something new, fearless, and aging; that just about covers the personal qualities that led me into trying on the latest style in the ever-evolving world of the brassiere.

when the weird get going

Dear Uma: Should you ever find yourself desirous of a life change, probably an unlikely scenario for you right now, I have discovered a couple of interesting ways to really, really change your life.

fitness routines are where you find them

Dear Uma: I am still smarting a bit over your remarks about my so-called 'sedentary' life. Just because you have horses and a new lover doesn't mean I am not getting enough exercise. And OK, I have started smoking again.

a teasing brother is a treasure

Dear Uma: Love those marathon telephone talks! I wonder if it is only women who indulge themselves that way, talking for hours about their feelings ?- most likely, given the male of the species' well-known reticence.

Clean, from the inside out

Dear Uma: I know I have been remiss in our correspondence, but I have the best of reasons: I have been a week travelling in a foreign land, experiencing strange sights and sounds and so subsumed by what was more of an ordeal than an adventure that I had

April is indeed the cruelest month

Dear Uma: This morning it was snowing when I got up - yes, Uma, snow in April. Last time I wrote to you I thought I had been suffering from the blues, but got over it by the time I'd ended my missive.

The probable why of depression

Dear Uma: The new CAO may be gone from Watson Lake, but now we have rats. According to rumour, a recently vacated house was home to folks who raised rats and when the people left they loosed the rats to become creatures of the wild.

The call of the wild should not always be answered

Dear Uma: Pete does have his own little moments of drama, doesn't he? I am sorry he gave you such a scare when he called you from the hospital in Whitehorse. There was no medevac; I was told later there was never even a thought of it.

time to eat the dog

Dear Uma: Did you know that owning a German shepherd dog leaves a carbon footprint twice that of driving a Toyota Land Cruiser? Two hamsters is like owning a plasma TV.