Heather Bennett

christmas death and dying happy new year

Dear Uma: Should one be interested in having Christmas in a place that looks like a Currier and Ives greeting card, Watson Lake is definitely the place.

On the hunt for bushy tail

Dear Uma: The production of animals for food now occupies 70 per cent of all agricultural land and the environmental damage is horrendous, as is the effect on our health and well being.

a stitch in time means dinner will be late

Dear Uma: There might be some truth to your suggestion that I am accident-prone, much as I have resisted the label. And yes, there also seems to be common theme in my mishaps in that they often appear to occur in a strange manner.

whats sauce for the goose is silence from the gander

Dear Uma: In order to thrive in a primary relationship, a woman must be prepared to acknowledge such arrangements are delicate, requiring vigilance and frequent tweaking and tuning.

hel lo kitty

Dear Uma: Here's an image for you: Lari in a cat house in Tokyo.

before octomom there was octobaby

Dear Uma: I watched a television program the other night about teaching young couples how to shop and cook for themselves.

Can anyone explain the cockroach?

Dear Uma: One of the many less than pleasing aspects of getting older is conversation, not the activity itself, but its content. As we age our talk gets wiser, more mature, in subject but it isn't nearly as much fun.

Unexpected help for the common cold

Dear Uma: Sorry I couldn't talk on the phone last night but I can't hear or speak very well right now; we will have to content ourselves with internet communications until this godawful cold is gone.

The ghosts of Halloweens past

Dear Uma: Halloween came and went without much celebration on my part; I was just not up to my usual enthusiasm for what is probably my favourite event on the calendar.

Circuses, vampires and the Big Bad Wolf

Dear Uma: Our territorial government was in evidence all this past week hosting a mining forum and reminding me, somehow, of those travelling circuses: the kind that featured brutally trained, helpless animals and a staff of people that said 'dis''dat'

Death by donkey, and childhood

Maclean's magazine? When did you start reading that, and do you have a subscription or can you actually buy this quintessential Canadian publication in Santa Barbara? OK, it is apparently quite true that the Canadian North has the nation's highest Crime S

View from a limb of the crooked tree

Out of the crooked tree of humanity no straight thing can ever be made - Immanuel Kant Dear Uma: Being stylish can be deadly: Thailand's health authorities have had to warn young women that wearing the in-fashion black leggings may attract dengue-carryi

Wise and otherwise

Dear Uma: It's the kind of day that makes one feel like putting on flannel pajamas, all lowering clouds and the smell of cold.

dont worry be happy eat fish

Dear Uma: Pete and I were ahead of schedule this year; the summer shorts and sandals were been packed away and the closets stuffed with down jackets and wool sweaters.

a rekindled romance

Dear Uma: Who says you can't teach an old dog new tricks? Amisi the cat has taught Pete a number of new tricks, all designed to make him the perfect valet for a feline.

Religion by the numbers

Dear Uma: Julia Roberts has become a Hindu claims Hello magazine. It's the result of having starred in the movie Eat, Pray, Love.

when mutual grooming beats sex

Dear Uma: Well, well, well: so Andrew has come back. You might have mentioned this small detail when we last spoke; I was stunned to hear him when he answered the phone last night.

Moving on, and down

Dear Uma: Inspired by Cee and Erma, their story of moving on from past traumas, I have begun to watch all those DVDs that I have avoided for years.

Hide the cheese It’s the cops, or buyer beware, seller take cover

Dear Uma: I know I ought not to be surprised by anything that happens in your part of the world; after all, they elected a governor whom Clive James has described as looking like "a brown condom full of walnuts," but the news that Jason and Sarah's food

the cats meow

Dear Uma: You are right in thinking Pete's affections have drifted but you cherchezed the wrong femme. Amisi is the new queen of our household.