Heather Bennett

The pursuit of happiness

Dear Uma: When the Rapture didn't happen I spent the following couple of days doing some serious research into a best possible scenario for Pete and me to live through the coming days of accelerated social, economic, and environmental decay.

Cruel food

Dear Uma: Your American Girl Scouts are getting deeper and deeper into the palm oil; it is now revealed that many of the plantations use child or slave labour. The US Girl Scouts PR people may be a oily bunch, but they are not very bright.

The lucky one per cent

Dear Uma: Although I was not surprised to learn pretty people are smarter and city birds have bigger brains, it didn't make me feel really good.

a message of hope hopefully

Dear Uma: A most exciting few days; a royal wedding, the death of Osama Bin Laden, and as the cherry on top, a federal election.

childless versus childfree

Dear Uma: Couples without children used to be called "childless," and if the condition was the fault of nature, they were pitied and if it was on purpose they didn't say so.

the dinner party part two

Dear Uma: When I saw Bonny and Dan at the Whitehorse airport my first impulse, and the one I could not deny, was to laugh - a lot. Dan rocked an astronaut look; he was wearing a parka that was so puffy it looked as though it had been inflated.

The dinner party, part one

Dear Uma: Congratulations on your horse show; you will be running out of room for trophies and ribbons, if you haven't already.

Ahhh, the silence …

Dear Uma: Sometimes it seems everyone I know has get-up-and-go and I am the only one who has sit-down-and-stop. Even Watson Lake, not famous for its high energy, has its resident perpetually busy folks and it is in the spring they are most in evidence.

Household archeology, or spring cleaning

Dear Uma: It may officially be spring, but in the Yukon we still have lots of snow and ice, though the Alaska Highway is mostly bare and the emergence of beer cans has begun.

Sex, drugs and the Oregon spotted frog

Dear Uma: It never fails to amaze me how much energy one person can possess; how the efforts of one individual can change so much.

watson lake wolves to share thoughts at meeting

Dear Uma: "Wolf Review Committee meeting tonight at 7 p.m. Pie, ice cream and coffee served.

shopping in seattle and getting it

Dear Uma: It was funny to listen to you go on and on about the snow in Vancouver when I'd left some serious winter in the Yukon; I thought the day of city slush was sort of fun.

Shine on you crazy diamond

Dear Uma: So Andrew is to be a diamond; only in So Cal would this be presented as a logical and lovely thing to do with a loved one's ashes.

The circle of life

Dear Uma: That was the fastest visit outside the territory I have had since moving up here and it would have been quicker if it'd been possible. More than anything I could think of, I wanted to be home, with Pete.

These boots weren’t made for walkin’

Dear Uma: Valentine's Day may have gone by our Pete-less household without a celebration of love and romance, but it was not without drama.

Green jeans, and body bibs for all

Dear Uma: In recent years, advertising has become so pervasive most of us have developed a blind eye to it, forcing those in the business of selling to get more and more creative in their endeavours to get us to pay attention to what is being offered.

Adult learning and bed bugs

Dear Uma: We are back from the fleshpots of Whitehorse once again, having survived yet another excursion on the winter road.

kevorkian seals and raccoons

Dear Uma: Oh, thank you for the great piece on robotic warfare as it is now being practised by your dystopian Benighted States as the whole country circles the drain.

bundolo the brave

Dear Uma: New identity for a new year; I am going to be Bundolo. Bundolo is not afraid to tackle new things; she has no worries about failure, but simply goes for it, whatever 'it' may be.

whats mine is yours or collaborative consumption

Dear Uma: Pete and I went to a New Year's Eve party and, aside from the misbehaviour of my little black dress, we had a good time.