Graeme McElheran

Fentie announces Dawson bailout

Yukon Premier Dennis Fentie attempted to fly to Dawson City Friday morning with a briefcase full of financial salvation.

New policy gives outfitters exclusive rights

Yukon big game hunters will now be able to lease tracts of Crown land they’ve been using for years under a new land policy.

Health department funds fundraisers

The Yukon wants to spend $22 million on state-of-the-art medical technology. But it needs a little help from its friends.

Leaked budget contains boost for Yukon housing

Ottawa will pledge more than $50 million for affordable housing in the Yukon when it releases its 2006-07 budget on May 2.

NDP, Liberal nominees step forward

Former Yukon News editor Peter Lesniak is planning to run for the New Democratic Party in the next territorial election.

NDP convention promises three way race

A groundswell of support from the Yukon New Democratic Party surged beneath leader Todd Hardy Saturday as he spoke at the party’s annual…

Prentice gives the goods

Residential school reparations, land claims agreements and clean water for First Nations were making national news headlines last week while the…

RCMP probe new Dawson City theft

The RCMP has launched a new investigation into Dawson City’s finances. An undisclosed amount of money has gone missing from the town’s…

Reindeer slaughter bound for court

Stella and Tim Gregory are suing the Yukon government. The former owners of the Northern Splendour Reindeer herd filed their claim last week,…

Land process makes for poor neighbours

The Yukon government’s land disposition process is in “chaos,” according to Mount Lorne MLA Steve Cardiff.

Forty years worth of natural gas predicted in Eagle Plains

The Yukon’s oil and gas management branch has been doing its homework, and paying for help. Officials needed to know how much natural gas…

Hart dumps his land duties

Community Services minister Glenn Hart was strangely quite during Question Period last week when opposition members asked about government…

Athletes’ village will be cozy, really cozy

With a little more time, the Canada Winter Games athletes’ village project might have been done differently, said project manager Mike Frasher.

Fun with figures: Yukon’s capital budget is overstated by $110 million

The Yukon’s 2006-07 budget is not what it seems. The government is not spending $191 million on capital projects this year.

Government unsteady at the helm

Five days into the spring sitting of the legislative assembly, and the Yukon Party wants a week off. Why? An Easter break, said Premier Dennis…

Harper’s speech disappoints Bagnell, Fentie

Primer Minister Stephen Harper’s speech from the throne was a speech of omission, says Yukon MP Larry Bagnell.

Government defends athletes’ village decisions

There’s a very good reason why an athletes’ village for the 2007 Canada Winter Games has ballooned more than 10 times the original…

Government prepares to return democracy to Dawson

Dawson City residents will go to the polls no later than June 15, 2006. The Yukon government tabled an elections act for Dawson on Monday, almost…

Conservatives nix One Tonne Challenge

Ottawa is abandoning the One-Tonne Challenge. Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s Conservative government cancelled the climate-change fighting…

Mine preparing to power up

If Yukon Energy Corp. can build it, Sherwood Copper Corp. will come. Last week, the two corporations signed a letter of intent to build and use a…