Graeme McElheran

Settlement offered for residential school legacy

Her brown eyes stared at nothing as she cast her memory back across five decades. “Indian agents” from Ottawa took her from her Teslin…

Watson Lake posts boil water advisory

Watson Lake mayor and council are advising citizens to boil their drinking water until the town’s water treatment system can be fixed.

Fentie relishes victory, plans for future

WATSON LAKE As the CBC television crew packed up its gear, word spread around the Belvedere Hotel that smoking was now allowed indoors.

Yukon Party returned for second term

The 10-5-3 split result of the Yukon territorial election is good enough for Premier Dennis Fentie. “It’s nice, it’s a good…

NDP and Libs hope to tilt Porter Creek left

ELECTION 2006 RIDING PROFILE Traditionally, Porter Creek is a conservative stronghold. That’s small ‘c’ conservative — not…

On the verge of a boom, business struggles in Watson Lake

WATSON LAKE A Watson Lake Chamber of Commerce question landed like a grenade at the feet of Premier Dennis Fentie.

Fentie campaigner violated election rules in Watson Lake

WATSON LAKE Elections Yukon has received an official complaint against one of Dennis Fentie’s campaign workers.

Hardy returns for final week of campaign

As passengers exited Air North flight 506 on Friday, many wondered aloud what the fuss was about. Why were television cameras waiting to greet them…

Economic forum draws party faithful

Three black suits sat on a podium, talking about economics. Two were contenders — Dennis Fentie and Arthur Mitchell, elected leaders and…

Election time is jail time

Premier Dennis Fentie doesn’t believe in warehousing criminals. He has always defended his government’s decision to abandon…

Liberal platform heavy on ethics, details and numbers

The Yukon Liberal Party platform — the product of a 20-person team after a year of work — was released on Thursday.

Yukon Medical Association defines health care agenda

All three political parties are pledging to recruit and retain health-care professionals. But there’s much more to improving health care than…

Minister’s sole source contract expired just before election announcement

Until the end of its mandate, the Yukon Party issued its own caucus members sole-sourced contracts. On May 29 — five days after the spring…

NDP’s election focus is on health care

‘I keep my word, and I expect nothing less from the NDP candidates.” New Democrat leader Todd Hardy was talking via speakerphone at the…

Liberals promise $5 million for ‘collaborative’ health care

The Yukon Liberal Party wants to open a new “collaborative primary health-care facility,” a kind of one-stop medical shop, for about $5…

Right to Know Week begins

Some things are private, some are not, and the difference between public and private information has been debated with increasing heat in recent…

Liberals, NDP play child care card

Child care is now, officially, an election issue. Both the Liberals and the NDP promised to champion the industry.

NDP trumpets green cred

NDP leader Todd Hardy believes his team holds a trump card going into the October 10 election. The environment.

The wool is pulled over employers’ eyes

ELECTION 2006 NOTEBOOK It’s no secret that Yukon employers are going to start paying more for workers’ compensation.

‘Non partisan’ union group weighs into election

The Yukon Federation of Labour took direct aim at the Yukon Party on Tuesday by urging 8,000 union voters to boot Premier Dennis Fentie’s…