Genesee Keevil

Living life like a movie

Robin Aubert was born angry. "And I wanted to take that anger and print it on film, to get rid of it," said the Quebec filmmaker. Crying Out is the result. The film - screening tonight at the Beringia Centre - follows a man who couldn't live without his second wife.

Bringing photographs to life

Vanessa Falle takes photos of critically ill children. And every time she does, the Yukon photographer makes a new best friend. "I approach it like a play date," said Falle. "We play with dinosaurs, cars or we get out the fairy wings."

Agricultural board buries its head in the dirt

Barb Drury wants to keep genetically modified seeds out of Yukon soil. But the Yukon Agricultural Association is waffling. "It's a divisive issue," said Rick Tone.

RCMP officers face hearing in Watson Lake

Two RCMP officers, acquitted of a rape in Watson Lake, will face an adjudication board hearing on June 13.

Putting the theatre back in music

Gerald Isaac could have gone to Singapore to play Zazu in The Lion King. Instead, he came to Whitehorse to direct Into the Woods. The fairytale-inspired musical is old hat for the Toronto actor and director.

  • Apr 13, 2011

Treating the disease of addiction

Dr. Jeff Turnbull wanted to see what the Yukon offers its alcoholics and addicts. The president of the Canadian Medical Association was up here for a meeting this month to talk about health-care transformation.

Finding freedom through abuse

Kamal Dhillon was beaten so badly, so often, her jaw has been rebuilt nine times. The first blow came just days after her wedding. Her husband broke her nose after Dhillon told him she was worried about his drinking and driving.

Dawson woos East Coast folkies

Pat LePoidevin lost his drummer in Dawson City. The acoustic, indie folk duo left Sackville, New Brunswick, at the beginning of summer on a cross-Canada tour.

Pilot killed in Mayo area plane crash

Bradley Chambers was killed in a plane crash near Mayo on Thursday evening. The 34-year-old pilot was from Duncan, BC. There were no passengers on board the DHC-3 Otter, owned by Black Sheep Aviation.

Nursing Yukon health care

The Yukon is the only jurisdiction in Canada without nurse practitioners. And that "surprises" Judith Shamian. "I thought the territories would be leaders on this," said the president of the Canadian Nurses Association.

A population in peril

The Yukon's top ptarmigan biologist is depressed. The fat, white grouse Dave Mossop has spent more than 40 years studying are in dramatic decline. "There has been a major disruption in the boreal system," he said.

Watson Lake dentist gets no Outside perks

The Department of Health didn't mean to pull Watson Lake's dental funding. "It was just a poorly worded letter," said Health spokesperson Patricia Living. The letter she's referring to was sent to Dr. Pearson.

Get Out!

Still Films just opened at the Yukon Arts Centre Public Art Gallery. Curated by Lance Blomgren, it's an exhibition of photography that investigates the narrative potential of still images.

Power outage remains a mystery

A power outage shut down most of southern and central Yukon on Tuesday afternoon. More than seven hours later, some customers were still in the dark. "The entire Whitehorse-Aishihik-Faro transmission system failed at 2:23 p.

Jazzing up jazz in Whitehorse

Emilie-Claire Barlow grew up playing pinball in Toronto's famous Manta Sound studio. Her parents were session musicians there.

Helpless from home

On Saturday, Tim Keir is flying to Japan. The Whitehorse-based chef was supposed to be going to the land of the rising sun to get married.

Local climate czar heads Outside for inspiration

Climate change doesn't exist in Texas. "It's a non-starter," said Ryan Hennessey. The Northern Climate Exchange adaptation project manager was in Houston as part of a Canadian delegation researching climate change.

Cavities in the communities

For 30 years, Dr. Ron Pearson travelled to Watson Lake to fill cavities and cure toothaches. But at the end of the month, the Whitehorse dentist's funding is coming to an end.

Smart meters, smart idea

Bev Van Ruyven dreams about talking to her fridge and thermostat on a regular basis.

Trudeau touches down in Whitehorse

Brooke Johnson's first meeting with Pierre Elliot Trudeau involved a borrowed gown, borrowed shoes - two sizes too big - and toilet paper. The Toronto-based actress refused to elaborate.