Genesee Keevil

Ambulance service bleeds cash

Yukon Emergency Medical Services is hemorrhaging money. "We're (overbudget by) $480,000 with four months to go," wrote protective services director Rick Smith in a November email obtained by the News.

Finding dignity in a dingy hotel room

Liz Evans houses drug addicts, alcoholics and the mentally ill. "Sometimes they die," said the executive director of Vancouver's Portland Hotel Society. But more often, they thrive.

No homeless hotels here

Whitehorse's hardest-to-house lost a champion this week. The Northern City Supportive Housing Coalition is withdrawing its proposal to build a 20-room supported apartment complex in downtown Whitehorse.

Middle class moving out

After one year in Whitehorse, John Jones is considering quitting his high-paying job, packing up his young family and heading south.

Radioactive caribou on the radar

The Porcupine caribou herd is being tested for radioactivity. "It's not something we usually test for," said Yukon research scientist Mary Gamberg.

Spill reveals Environment Canada weakness

A liquid that was spilling into the Yukon River this week near Boston Pizza remains a mystery. "We don't know what it is, where it's coming from or how much spilled," said Environment spokesperson Nancy Campbell on Thursday.

A little piece of Japan pops up in Porter Creek

Behind the grand Victorian facade at 56 Almond in Porter Creek, there's hand-drawn calligraphy, pickled Japanese plums, tatami mats and a savage massage chair shipped over from Tokyo. The smell of gobo fills the immaculate kitchen.

River spill under investigation

On Friday, a mysterious substance was discovered flowing into the Yukon River. The substance is seeping up through the soil near Boston Pizza in Whitehorse and is flowing across the ground into the Yukon River.

Get Out!

Dawson City's four-day arts and culture celebration kicked off yesterday, marking the 11th Annual Yukon Riverside Arts Festival, presented by the Klondike Institute of Art and Culture (KIAC).

Tackling non traditional theatre in the territory

Jessica Hickman was sick of standard theatre. So the local dancer teamed up with Whitehorse theatre junkie Sam B. Good and started writing grant proposals. Six months later, with $39,000 in arts funding, the pair held auditions.

An empty youth shelter tug of war

If there are youth in Whitehorse trading sex for shelter, Chris Nash hasn't met them. The emergency youth shelter co-ordinator has been on the job for three and a half years, working for Skookum Jim Friendship Centre.

Dawson’s orange alert

Dawson's orange alert For the last two weeks, a mysterious orange substance has been floating down the Yukon River in Dawson. "The material on the river is 'the talk' of town," wrote Dieter Weise in an email on Thursday.

A costly kilometre in Whistle Bend

Whistle Bend Way is a pricey piece of pavement. The new subdivision access corridor cost $6 million for the first kilometre. That's almost double what it cost to build the Hamilton Boulevard extension.

The bears are back in town

On Wednesday, conservation officers captured and relocated a brown-coloured black bear in the Mount Sima Road area. "In the past two weeks, we got over 40 calls about this bear," said Environment spokesman Dennis Senger.

Home is where the hazardous waste is

Storing hazardous waste in the middle of a residential neighbourhood is A-OK, according to the Yukon's Environment Department. As long as you have a permit. And the residents at 15 Maple Street, in Porter Creek, have one.

Homelessness lessons from the NWT

The city of Yellowknife has a full-time homelessness co-ordinator. Dayle Hernblad has been on the job for six years and has overseen the construction of a youth shelter, a 32-unit transition home for men.

Supernatural soil promises healthy Yukon veggies and mine sites

Shiela Alexandrovich's garden is acting a bit bipolar this summer. The organic Yukon gardener filled one of her beds with celery. And half the plants are 30 per cent bigger than the others.

Marian Horne feels ambushed

On Friday, Stacey Hassard announced he was challenging the Pelly-Nisutlin MLA for the Yukon Party nomination. "I'd heard rumours that he was going to challenge me, so I asked him," said Horne.

Nurses attend Sally Ann

Two registered nurses are setting up shop at the Salvation Army Chapel. The clinic will help "Yukoners who have no fixed address," said Health Minister Glenn Hart in a release Tuesday.

Doctors for the down and out

Doctors for the down-and-out Whitehorse's homeless may soon have their own medical clinic.