Genesee Keevil

Liberals send Yukon animals a little love

The Mae Bachur Animal Shelter has 40 dogs sharing 18 kennels, and 10 cats. It’s so overcrowded staff are packing three dogs to a kennel. “And it’s turning away animals everyday,” said Arthur Mitchell.

Liberals champion child care

The Liberals will take aggressive steps to improve childcare in the territory, said Takhini-Kopper King Liberal candidate Cherish Clarke. First, the Liberals will ensure that the direct-operating grant for daycares and dayhomes is permanent, she said.

Free room and board at WCC

The only housing Joe Johnson can find is a shared cell at Whitehorse Correctional Centre. The 34-year-old is struggling with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder and alcohol addiction. It's a bad combination.

Councillor questions city’s about face

Ranj Pillai was the only councillor to vote against the city's operation and maintenance budget when it was passed this spring. "I wasn't comfortable with the tax increase," he said.

Maki, miso and mining in Whitehorse

Keun Hwan Lee came to Whitehorse to become a placer miner. Instead, the mining engineer is watching exploration boom from behind a sushi counter on Main Street.

Yukon Party plays fast and loose with voting rules

Yukon Party candidates faced a free-for-all in contested ridings this election. And this made for a mess in Kluane, according to Elaine Hanson.

Liberals extend a hand to the down and out

The Liberals are dusting off last year's Acutely Intoxicated Persons at Risk report. "We would build a shelter, detox and sobering centre downtown," said Mountainview candidate David Sloan on Tuesday.

Liberals build on supported housing

The Liberals would fund Northern City Supportive Housing Coalition's project to house Whitehorse's most marginalized, if elected, says Patrick Singh. The Downtown Centre candidate already knows many of the potential tenants.

From Arctic sovereignty to Arctic spills

Harper's focus on Arctic sovereignty is a red herring, says Michael Byers. And by dwelling on it, the prime minister has done Canadians "a disservice.

Plants and Animals invade new territory

Warren Spicer dreamed of being a rock star since he was 10 years old. But now that it's happening, the Plants and Animals frontman is finding it a little frightening.

NDP sounds alarm on EMS troubles

Were it not for Drew Whittaker, the recently released Emergency Medical Services audit would likely still be under wraps. The NDP researcher got the ball rolling with an access to information request.

Get Out!

Take an entertaining, honest, musical ride with Randy Rutherford's My Brother Sings Like Roy Orbison. The award-winning play is an account of Rutherford's early manhood against the backdrop of Vietnam.

Losing glaciers, but not sleep … yet

One of the largest rivers flowing into Atlin Lake has run dry. "That river has been there for hundreds of years," said longtime Atlin summer resident Brad Thayer. "It's carved out canyons and created a huge alluvial fan. In early July, Thayer and his wife boated to the end of Atlin Lake.

Tackling a silent world with showmanship and song

Randy Rutherford is almost completely deaf. But you wouldn't know it. And that's part of the problem. "My ears should be in wheelchairs," said the Californian playwright, actor and musician.

Slut shout out in Whitehorse

Dawn Macdonald doesn't have to dress like a slut to get hassled on the street. "The other day I was in a sweater, jeans and running shoes and some guy made kissy noises at me."

Mistakes still plague ambulance station

The temporary ambulance station on top of Two Mile Hill has been operating 24/7 since the first week of January, deputy premier Elaine Taylor told a media conference Tuesday.

Plants and Animals, Arrogant Worms and the Simpsons all enter the Yukon arts scene

The Simpsons are coming to Whitehorse this winter in MacHomer. Starring more than 50 characters from Springfield...

Zombies take over Whitehorse

Sheila MacLean was bitten by zombies in Vancouver. Now, the local massage therapist is responsible for infecting Whitehorse with the walking dead.

Fundraiser rekindles friendships for former Yukoner

Kendall Sullivan couldn't figure out what was wrong with her baby daughter. In 2001, the former Yukon singer/songwriter went to Ontario for six months.

No homeless hotels here

Whitehorse's hardest-to-house lost a champion this week. The Northern City Supportive Housing Coalition is withdrawing its proposal to build a 20-room supported apartment complex in downtown Whitehorse.