Genesee Keevil

Docs push Pasloski on addiction and helmets

Dr. Rao Tadepalli has one request for Premier Darrell Pasloski - adopt the Beaton/Allen report.

Alleged assault raises safety concerns at Copper Ridge Place

Sarah couldn't cry for help when the man slid his hand under her blanket and down her underwear. The 54-year-old woman has severe Down syndrome and wasn't able to defend herself.

RCMP return bloody, vomit filled truck

When Vanessa Falle was told to come pick up her stolen truck from the RCMP, she expected it would be in bad shape. "But I didn't think it would be a biohazard," she said.

Burnt Toast owners mum on Tippler’s takeover

Less than a year after opening its doors, Tippler's poured its last pint. The downtown pub closed for good on Saturday. And it's not for lack of business. "Things were going really well," said pub owner Tim Cameron.

Dawson sewage facility leaves contractors fuming

Dawson City's new sewage treatment plant is in trouble. And it's not in operation yet. Corix, the Victoria-based company building the new plant, has stopped paying its main contractor, Dawson City's Han Construction.

Whitehorse welcomes killer vaudeville

Karnack knows the six teenagers are going to die. But the fortune-telling machine can't tell them, because he's set on "family-fun" mode. So begins Ride the Cyclone, an anti-musical at the Yukon Arts Centre this week.

Procon found guilty in worker death

Procon Mining and Tunnelling has been fined more than $100,000 following the death of Paul Wentzell in October 2009.

Worms weren’t on the menu

Finding a worm in their meal was bad enough. But when it started crawling up her husband's arm, Sarah Smith lost it. "I'm not a dramatic person," said Smith, who asked to remain anonymous because she works a very public job.

Yukon College fights twins in court

Joie Quarton was hired by Yukon College to fight a human rights complaint lodged by two elderly twin sisters.

Councillor calls for accountable voting

Betty Irwin wants her vote recorded. Right now, every time the city councillor votes on an issue, it's not written down. None of the councillors' votes are.

54 40’s journey from punk to pop

54-40 is set to make music history in Whitehorse this weekend. The Vancouver rock band will be inducted into the Western Canadian Music Awards Hall of Fame alongside the likes of BTO, The Guess Who, Loverboy and Chilliwack.

Film challenges voter fraud

Voter fraud, double voting and the blocking of legitimate voters is the subject of a lighthearted but troubling video on the Yukon election generating YouTube traffic this week.

Careless humans to blame for recent bear deaths

Two bears were shot and killed by conservation officers in Whitehorse last week. One was a young black bear, about three to four years old that had been hanging out in Granger. “He was coming right into the community and had been spotted up by the Bigway Store.”

Lynx bait, wolf snares and fair trade for trappers

Mara Spricenieks sells ground up beaver glands. The scent is kept in small, oily, brown-glass jars on display at the Trappers Cache, a new trapping and craft shop on Second Avenue.

Yukon College caught on discrimination, harassment

Susan Malcolm and Sarah Baker share cigarettes, a home and facial features. And now, after attending Yukon College's Community Support Worker program, the mirror twins have one more thing to add to this list - harassment.

Bear cubs lose mother to rogue hunter

A Marsh Lake man has been charged after shooting and killing a mother black bear with two cubs. The cubs were born this year, said Environment enforcement officer Kris Gustafson.

Liberals looking for new leadership

The Yukon Liberal Party is looking for a new leader. Arthur Mitchell stepped down last night, after serving more than six years in the legislature. As he walked into a room of roughly 25 Liberal party faithful at the Yukon Inn...

Pills aren’t always the answer

Anti-depressants can depress people. And anti-psychotics can keep people psychotic. This, in a nutshell, is what Robert Whitaker accidently discovered.

Grayling, motor oil and electioneering in Old Crow

Darius Elias was fishing for grayling when Yukon Party Leader Darrell Pasloski flew into Old Crow last week. The Old Crow Liberal incumbent caught only two fish.

Disability debate focuses on funding

The Child Development Centre has 100 children on its waitlist. And many end up waiting for more than a year, said its executive director Alayne Squair.