Genesee Keevil

Trash talking Whitehorse waste

To his adversaries, Dr. Paul Connett is an environmental evangelist - the Jimmy Swaggart of Trash. But this doesn't faze the zero-waste expert.

Carcross throws caution to the wind with condos

Justin Ferbey wants Carcross youth to stay in Carcross. So the Carcross Tagish Management Corporation CEO is proposing condos.

Circus Incognitus: Feel free to fling fruit

Jamie Adkins gives his audience oranges. "That way, if they don't like the show, they can throw them at me," said the travelling circus artist and clown.

  • Feb 17, 2012

Tackling bullies through bystanders

Christine Klaassen-St. Pierre makes her students cry. And F.H. Collins Secondary School is healthier for it. The school's vice principal is wearing a tight, black T-shirt with "Do an act of change everyday"

College spends $1M fighting human rights complaints

Yukon College spent more than $600,000 in legal fees to fight a human rights complaint filed by two elderly twins. "They just had unlimited funds to fight us...

Facebook bandits finally nabbed

Yukon graphic designer Patrick Chausse knew the names of the two teen girls who recently broke into his downtown Whitehorse office. He also knew where they lived, where they went to school and how old they were.

First Quest teams expected to reach Whitehorse early Tuesday

The Yukon Quest is Alaskan musher Allen Moore’s to lose. The 54-year-old race veteran is set to leave the last checkpoint in Braeburn at 4:23 p.m. Monday afternoon.

Starving sled dogs rescued by humane society

When Shelley Cuthbert pulled up to the dog yard in Haines Junction on Sunday, she knew the huskies were going to be in bad shape. "But this was the worst I've seen."

Quest gets an ‘overdose of nice’

Yukon Quest musher Allen Moore is the rabbit. At least, that's what the teams chasing him out of Dawson City this afternoon usually dub the frontrunner.

Peekeekoot gives new meaning to an old time fingerpicking sound

Ed Peekeekoot gets his nails done professionally - but only on one hand. The Cree musician plays so much, he's worn away his real fingernails. And they've never gotten the chance to grow back. Peekeekoot's a fingerpicker. "I figured anyone can sing," he said, over breakfast at the Skky Hotel on Thursday.

Councillor wants city to address homelessness

Whitehorse is not in the business of providing social housing. But it should be, says Betty Irwin. The city councillor doesn't understand why affordable housing is not part of Whitehorse's mandate.

Domino’s digs deep for better pie in record time

Phil Chan likes to get his hands dirty on the pie line. "But I'm not just a pizza man," said the new Domino's Pizza manager. The 23-year-old is also an up-and-coming businessman.

Copper Ridge is short staffed, say nurses

There have been staffing issues at Copper Ridge for more than a decade, says Mike Dixon. The local nurse worked at the facility since 2001 and retired last year.

Time to bag some oil

Andy Lera is a modern-day alchemist. The Yukon innovator has figured out how to turn plastic into black gold. And he could do it for cheap. Using a machine that would fit on a binder...

Visiting author hits jail, putting victims first

Shannon Moroney was writing wedding thank-you cards when police knocked on her hotel room door. Married only a month, the new wife had "woken up that morning thinking how great life was.

The Yukon loses an altruistic tire man

Denis Chabot was killed at work on Tuesday. "It's ironic, because he gave 110 per cent at work and believed in what he was doing," said his friend Julie Menard. "He was always willing to help people.

Axworthy urges northerners to take action

Lloyd Axworthy is an action man. As prime minister Jean Chretien's foreign affairs minister in the 1990s, he placed Canada on the international stage by putting people first.

More assaults at Copper Ridge leave families fearful

Marge MacLeod wasn't told her ex-husband had been assaulted at Copper Ridge Place late last month. It was her daughter who received a call from Copper Ridge staff.

Tent city residents get the boot

Whitehorse tent city residents were served with an eviction notice on Tuesday. But not everyone has to move, yet. The eviction notice was issued by White Pass and Yukon Route, which owns a swath of land abutting the Yukon government building's lawn.

Mamet tackles women and wordplay in Whitehorse

Ever heard of a "Byzantine rodomontade"? Neither had Stephen Drover. The director of the Guild's upcoming production, Boston Marriage, is used to working with "dense classical text," and specializes in Shakespeare.