Genesee Keevil

The fat fuzzy assassin returns

The gypsy cuckoo bumblebee is an assassin at risk. The chubby, woolly parasitic bees hadn't been spotted in Canada since 2006.

Bother over Yukon’s burgeoning bison herd

Over the past six years, Tom Jung shipped 438 piles of ungulate poop to the U.S. "It's not the most glamorous job," says the Yukon government's senior wildlife biologist.

Fake flycatchers back birdie backpacks

It is hard to fool a flycatcher. Tara Stehelin tried. Last summer, hoping to lure unsuspecting males into mist nets, the Yukon behavioural ecologist created a decoy.

Guild binges with The Food Chain

Mike Ellis is going to be a diabetic by the time the curtain drops on the Guild's newest play, The Food Chain. The local city planner-cum-actor consumes more junk food per show than some people do in a year.

Housing crisis may prompt another tent city

In the last 12 months, Nancy Tanner has helped more than 100 people find housing in Whitehorse. But it's not her job. "I see it as my unofficial duty," said the manager of the Beez Kneez Bakpackers hostel in downtown Whitehorse.

Leef crosses wires with robocall complainant

Bob Nardi has a proposition for Yukon MP Ryan Leef. It involves handing over phone records for public scrutiny. Nardi is one of five Yukoners who have come forward after receiving misleading robocalls.

Yukoner turns allergies into chemical free apothecary

The first time Jolie Patterson's eyes started itching and she began to sniffle and sneeze, the Whitehorse graphic designer didn't know what was happening.

Ringing up robocall justice

Misleading robocalls may have suppressed more than 600 Yukon votes during the last federal election, according to the Council of Canadians.

Making music for meat lovers

Chicken Cordon Blood Sack is "a funky little dance number" by Meat the Vegans. The Whitehorse band writes all its songs collaboratively. And it's recording them at Laurie Malo's studio, which the band affectionately refer to as "the meat locker."

Robocalling election results into question

Another Yukoner has contacted Elections Canada after receiving a misleading robocall just before last May's federal election. Tom Parlee answered the phone to an automated message informing him his polling station had changed due to higher-than-normal voter turnout.

Teaching scientists to talk

Nancy Baron is a scientist who went to the dark side. She became a journalist. “Scientists are afraid of talking to journalists because they don’t know how to give it so anyone else can get it,” she said.

Yukoners protest CBC cuts

Amber Church grew up listening to the CBC. "It was a big part of my upbringing and I trust it," she said.

Crossing the line in Carcross, come hell or high water

Waist-deep snowdrifts surround the Carcross Visitor Information Centre, reminding residents of their short-lived summer tourist season. But last week, on closer inspection, locals might have noticed several sets of footprints.

Leef told robocall petitioners he followed the rules

Before the robocall scandal broke in the territory, a group of concerned Yukoners had already signed a national petition asking for an investigation.

Leadership starts at the bottom

Ori Brafman and Judah Pollack are hoping to get the Yukon government's deputy ministers to sit in a circle and talk about their feelings. "We need to begin a conversation," said Pollack.

Misleading robocalls rang in Yukon

The Conservative robocall controversy has surfaced in the Yukon. Two weeks before the last federal election, Bob Nardi received a call asking if he was voting Conservative. He wasn't.

Yukon welcomes first queer film fest

Whitehorse is queer friendly. "So there's never been the need for any queer activism and being really out there," said Fiona Griffin. There's no annual gay parade, no gay bars.

Testing water for waste

The Yukon government is throwing more than $4 million into trash this year. Some of that money will be used to drill wells near garbage dumps to monitor the groundwater.

Peel protest puts pressure on Pasloski

The Yukon legislature was filled to capacity Thursday with a lineup out the door. It was the first day of the spring sitting, and more than 250 Yukoners showed up to protest the Yukon Party's position on the Peel, oil and gas, and democracy.

Ontario filmmaker combats climate change with a camera

Hanging from the handrail like it was a monkey bar, as the ship pitched over on its side, Mark Terry began to rethink his Antarctic adventure.

  • Mar 16, 2012