Elaine Hurlburt

Retired chef keeps fit with books and broadband

Fritz Kohlhaas, a senior citizen of Haines Junction, has found a way to keep fit. Both brawn and brain at the same time.

Does it ring a bell?

Sixty years of schooling in Haines Junction, 1949-2009: That's a few gallons of water under the Dezadeash River Bridge. For nine years, teachers taught school without a school.

Old Crow baby turns 14

Cody Lane Raymond Hurlburt of Whitehorse was not supposed to be born in Old Crow - but he was. Fourteen years ago. He arrived six weeks early, and he came close to arriving on a snowmachine.

Rub a dub dub, play the washtub

Play the washtub? Why, yes. Why not? That is what Peter Upton of Silver Creek does. And that is what he did in Haines Junction on the morning of…

Ireland’s magic brushes Hungry Hill

One might expect the unexpected when travelling from Yukon to Ireland. However, the phrase, ‘What now?’ does not always apply to…

Quilts, catering, and community keep Junction mom busy

So what does a stay-home-mom do all day long, anyway? Ask Pam Butterfield of Haines Junction. Butterfield has had little chance of escaping art as…

Minding your own business in the Junction can be a challenge

Operating a small business in a small town is a tall order. Grande. Maybe even Venti, to use Starbucks’ vernacular.

Youth Junction captures kids

By Elaine Hurlburt Special to the News What kids would organize their own fondue these days? Haines Junction kids, that’s who.

Cycling to Tibet is Lhasa fun

And the wheels go round, round, round — for 12,400 kilometres. Darlene and David Sillery of Haines Junction recently returned home after…

MacGyver finds creative outlet in the Junction

Shawneen Suzette (Shawn) Allen of Haines Junction never appears to be short of work, ideas or creative energy.

So what’s in a piece of paper, anyway?

HAINES JUNCTION If you ask Ines Hartmann of Haines Junction, she will tell you what is in a piece of paper… Anyway.

Students help to fill in heritage gaps

HAINES JUNCTION Who was your great-grandfather, and what were his favourite stories? For what reasons might it be important for you to know that…

Ridin’ the rails with Tyson, Russell, and Ramblin’ Jack

HAINES JUNCTION ‘I’m definitely, hugely inspired,” says Elsabé Kloppers, who lives in this village.

O tranquil summer, where art thou?

INKSHED I love Yukon summers — so peaceful and light out here in the spruce forest on Pine Creek.

The halls of learning led to Ethiopia

When Tim Hall left Haines Junction three years ago to attend Lester B. Pearson College in Victoria, he had no inkling that it would lead him to…

It takes guts to share your liver

HAINES JUNCTION Almost three years ago, Bob Hayes of Haines Junction donated 60 per cent of his liver to his younger brother, Farley Hayes, of…

Haines Junction college campus celebrates 20th birthday and book launch

HAINES JUNCTION On Wednesday, Yukon College’s 20-year presence in Haines Junction is being celebrated with a supper, slideshow and a book…

Home is where the art is

HAINES JUNCTION Ever wonder how the bear’s bulky plodding compares to the nimble footed squirrel? Or how Canada’s largest mountain…

Dakwäkäda Dancers don’t stand still

Haines Junction’s Southern Tutchone First Nations dancers have been on the move again. Isn’t that what most dancers do? Yes, but this…

Car selling stint steers young man home

HAINES JUNCTION Many contend you can’t go home again. Darren Madley is proof that you can. The serious-minded, 26 year old spent the past 18…