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Something to think about from the gals: A daily calendar from Mac's enlightens us everyday with wisdom from women. Some of the advice is old, some new, some fun, some controversial, some puzzling, and some blue.


No-no words ...


The culture of celebrity . . .


Special days, events, their memories, and the aftermath...


The dog days of summer ...


I am a part of all that I have met. Alfred, Lord Tennyson, poet (1809-1892) The Stranger A few years after I was born, my dad met a stranger who was new to our small town.

Some bracing war memories for D Day

From an undisclosed originator to undisclosed recipients on the internet comes this photo demonstrating the ingenuity of people in wartime. As the story goes, this pilot was stationed in France shortly after D-Day, June 6, 1944.


Bits 'n Pieces ...

Those dam building, fish eating beavers

Fairy tales and urban legends choke our countless media outlets today, emanating from heaven knows where, for heaven knows what purpose. Joining the list, I thought, were fish-eating beavers.

life in a jar

"And the Nobel Peace Prize goes to the man in the tin foil hat, Mr. Al Gore." That's how Citizen Wells website introduced the story of Irena Sendler, a lady unknown to most of us, who was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize on the same billing as Mr.


Laughter is in the eye of the beer holder...


Potpourri A little boy got lost in the YWCA and wandered into the women's locker room. When spotted, the women burst into shrieks, grabbing towels or running for cover.


It is always tomorrow somewhere, a new day is forever beginning ...


Happy April Fool's Day ...


It was their day yesterday É so, To The Irish! Who but they would compliment a lady so? "Would you come into my garden?" he asked. "I would like my roses to see you." A random act of kindness... And it came to pass in the northland there was great conste


You've got mail, this is a keeper, said Stu. Their marriage was good, their dreams focused, their best friends lived a wave away. I can see them now, Dad in trousers, work shirt, tools in hand and a top hat and Mom in a house dress, curtain rod in one

History goes round and round like a merry go round, doesn’t it?

Watson Lake in 1958 was a good place to live. A place of calm winters, with wind a stranger and snow a friend - often too generous a friend. Snow piled up on skinny clothesline poles, even the clothesline itself. You name it, snow covered it and made it v


Hmmmmm! There's a story told of a man named Dwight Morrow who was on his regular train ride when the conductor asked for his ticket. Apparently Morrow was a bit absent-minded and couldn't find it. The conductor, who knew him well, told him not to worry, j


Don't mess with Mom ... Michael invited his mother to dinner. Mom couldn't help notice his roommate Jennifer was very beautiful. She'd long been suspicious there was a relationship between the two and this evening left her more convinced than ever.


To our friendly, neighbourhood members of Parliament whose one goal in their work, we are told often, is the public interest and the common good. We believe you are joining us as we enter a severe belt-tightening era, so we present here some tales -- what-