Doug Bell

The road less travelled

Sitting in a rest area about 3,200 kilometres from the Yukon, with nary a political sign having been seen along the way, the lack of interest in the election was palpable. Gas jockey Wayne kicked it off.

some of our favourite things

Swans in the spring, robins in summer, geese in the fall and ravens in winter - these are some of our favourite Yukon things.


Dear Santa: You're coming soon, boy what a mess I'm in, shopping's not done and we're all out of vin; cookie jar's empty; the turkey truck's stuck in the snow and we've nowhere else to go. Sorry to ramble on Santa, but that's what I do.

a christmas story

"For 10 Christmases now, a small, white envelope sat on a branch of our Christmas tree.


A Christmas conundrum ...


The rest of the story ...


That winsome little face! "Who are you?" I looked up from my tea cup to see a young girl standing in front of me, beside the table I was sitting at in the Big River gas station coffee shop. "I'm Tom," I told her, and whoooosh ..


Meet Amy Wilson ...


Therapy here, therapy there, therapy, therapy everywhere ...


Once upon a time, a man said to me, "I could write a column like yours, you often use other people's words." I agreed. I have not been everywhere, man, I have not read it all, heard it all nor seen it all.


Tether, tethered, tethering ... How wrong can you be?


Anonymous said, "Words slip easily from the tongue. Think well before you let them go."


Chaos and the butterfly effect ...


Anecdotes and other notes ...


Responsibility is the other side of privilege ...


Drive carefully ...


Mental gymnastics for today Scene 1 - To get big bundles of fame and money you've got to aim to become top dog in your chosen game. Second or third place doesn't cut it. Well, that was until nine-year-old Jericho Scott came along.


Democracy in action ...


Make 'em laugh and they'll learn better than if you hit them with a stick. The theorists say it better than that but the truth is still there: humour works.


Words, the long and the short of some of them . . .