Chris Oke

Single gender classroom pilot up for review

Last month, the Yukon News received a letter from a concerned mother whose child would soon be entering Takhini Elementary School. "Takhini practises segregated classrooms, meaning boys and girls are split," wrote Jessica Sjodin.

Inquest investigates death in police custody

Gillian Smith's voice broke on the other end of the line. "I was born and raised in the Yukon," she said. "Half my friends are native.

Yukon injury rate on the rise

As of Tuesday, there have been 300 injuries in the territory this year. That's on par with last year. "But the unemployment rate is much higher," said Valerie Royle, President and CEO of the Yukon Worker's Compensation Health and Safety Board.

Territory reshuffles teacher allotments

Schooling in the Yukon is not very fair. Some schools have more teachers while others are made to do with less.

Painting all over the map

On display in the Arts Underground this month is a watercolour painting of two polar bears. But look closer and you'll notice another endangered species - a map.

NWT man died of hypothermia: coroner

Manslaughter charges have been dropped against Ryan Darbyshire after a coroner’s report concluded the cause of death to be hypothermia.

Faro gives employee great deal on public property sale

Faro is selling public property to town employees for bargain-basement prices. A lot and house that once served as the community daycare has an assessed value of $80,000. But the town won't sell it for that.

Fentie apologizes to Autism Yukon

Premier Dennis Fentie has apologized to parents of children with autism.

Francophone students rock the radio

Everyday, most Canadians spend hours consuming a mind-numbing array of media. However, most have no idea what it takes to assemble a broadcast or edit a film.

Banff film fest coming to Whitehorse

Spring in the Yukon can be a tough time for outdoor enthusiasts. The snow is beginning to melt to the point that it's no longer safe for ski or dogsled. Yet the trails are still too wet for serious hiking or mountain biking.

Yukon River Panel doesn’t expect strong salmon run

The Yukon is preparing for another medium to low salmon run this year. On Thursday, the Yukon River Panel set the 2010 chinook salmon border passage escapement goals at 42,500 to 55,000 fish.

No decrease in funding for disabled children

Autism Yukon, as well as parents of children with other disabilities, claim that the Yukon government is cutting their support funding. Liberal Leader Author Mitchell brought the matter to the legislature on Monday.

Explosives expert knew nothing of nearby houses, court told

Paula Armstrong was outside her Lobird subdivision trailer when she heard the explosion. She had bent down to pick up a piece of garbage from the road.

Local lends a helping hand in India and Nepal

Liesel Briggs held on tight as the scooter she was riding swung off the monsoon-drenched road and into the ditch. A truck had pulled out to pass another vehicle and had run Briggs and her friend off the road.

Welcome back to the club

The Boys and Girls Club of Whitehorse has reopened this week thanks to a last-minute gift from the Yukon government.

Going beyond the cliche

When The Northern Review put out a call for northern writing, it received what you might expect: Submissions rife with northern cliche.

Christmas credit card con

At least one Yukon senior has fallen for the latest credit card fraud. Here's how it works: A very official sounding person will call, saying they are from the Security and Fraud Department of Visa or Mastercard.

Finance ministers ponder pensions

Last week, finance ministers agreed changes must be made to the Canadian pension system. But it will be some time before Canadians find out what these changes will be.

Colon photo ops postponed

Patients who had been waiting for a special X-ray procedure at Whitehorse General Hospital will have to wait another month. One of the hospital's two X-ray machines broke down earlier in December, said hospital spokesperson Val Pike.

Chinese buy half of Yukon mine

The Yukon is home to one of the largest undeveloped deposits of lead and zinc in the world. Half of that site, known as the Selwyn Project, is now owned by a Chinese company.