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Takhini Elementary to continue single gender program

Elementary school children learn better when boys and girls are separated. The benefits are especially pronounced in the intermediate grades, when puberty first starts to kick in.

Territory, contractor and supervisor responsible for Lobird blast

Territorial Court Judge John Faulkner has found all three defendants guilty and responsible for the botched blast that rained rock and debris on Lobird subdivision.

Water board rejects Carmacks Copper proposal

The Yukon Water Board has rejected Carmacks Copper's water use application, casting doubt on the future of the mine. This is good news for the Little Salmon/Carmacks First Nation, which fought the proposal.

Five officers to be investigated over Silverfox death

Whitehorse RCMP will investigate five of its officers for misconduct in the handling of Raymond Silverfox while in police custody.

French school board making cuts, asking for more funding

The Yukon Francophone School Board is taking the territory to court over funding. The territory receives federal funding from Canadian Heritage for French language education.

Yukon, a pictorial love story

Almost 70 years ago, James Quong gave his future wife Diamond an ultimatum. "It's me and the Yukon, or nothing.

Building with adult Lego

Future solutions often rely on old ideas. Take, for example, Dave Loeks' new approach to building timber-framed homes. He likens it to Lego. For adults. And he believes his Haven Timber Homes may solve First Nation housing problems in the Yukon and across the country.

First Nation police could replace RCMP

Yukon First Nations may create their own form of law enforcement if substantial changes are not made to the RCMP.

Whitehorse man dies in detox

A local man died at the Whitehorse Detox Centre on Sunday morning. His identity will not being released until authorities are able to contact his next of kin, said Yukon coroner Sharon Hanley. On Saturday evening, complaints were made about an intoxicated man on Fourth Avenue downtown.

Yukon losing mobile vet services

If you live in the communities, finding medical care for your four-legged friend just got harder. Carolynne Fudja, the Yukon's only mobile vet, closed up shop last week. "I'm not leaving because I don't like my work or I don't like where I live," said Fudja.

Faro pushes ahead with daycare sale

Faro is still set on completing the controversial sale of its daycare building to one of its employees. The lot and building were originally assessed at $80,000.

Get Out!

The Yukon Writers' Festival continues throughout the weekend. Haines Junction will get a dose of the literary festivities with readings and music on Saturday night. Bob Hayes and musician Tim Naylor will be performing at the St. Elias Convention Centre.

Territory creates new council for invasive species

Insidious forces are invading the Yukon. And you're likely to have already come across them. Sweet clover plants up to a metre high can be seen growing all along Yukon highways.

We have failed you: RCMP

The RCMP has apologized for its "insensitive and callous treatment" of Raymond Silverfox while in police custody. "There is no doubt that in our care and handling of Mr. Silverfox, we have failed to respect and live up to the standards and values that not only Yukoners.

Jury rules Silverfox died of natural causes

Raymond Silverfox spent the last 13 hours of his life moaning in pain while lying in a vomit and filth-covered police cell before succumbing to toxic bacteria he'd sucked into his lungs.

Silverfox died of pneumonia and sepsis: pathologist

Raymond Silverfox vomited 26 times while in police custody, mostly on the floor of his cell. Initially the vomit was clear, but later it became dark and red. He also urinated and defecated in his pants.

Back to the bush

Most people might consider giving up life in the bush after a close call with an aggressive grizzly bear. For Tor Forsberg, it took a multitude of close calls, three of which involved bears. Forsberg finally made the decision to leave the bush after a 12-day beaver trapping expedition.

Police and guards joke about distressed prisoner

After watching Raymond Silverfox writhe in pain, vomit and soil himself, Douglas Jack Jr. suggested police assist the prisoner. "We told them that this guy needs help," Jack Jr., who shared the drunk tank with Silverfox, told a coroner's inquest on Friday.

Nina Simone’s singing Atlantean son

Hannibal Means is not your run-of-the-mill vocal coach. Built like a linebacker with a deep sonorous voice and a laugh like James Earl Jones, the guy tells you that the black swan is his totem. And with good reason.

Moscow it is not

When Nickolai Gogol wrote his play, The Government Inspector, he probably didn't have Canada in mind. This causes some problems for Colin Heath, who adapted the play into the musical comedy The Man from the Capital, which is being staged by the Guild this month.