Chris Oke

Territory snubs mentoring initiative

The Yukon government could help turn around the territory's abysmal graduation rates for the cost of one full-time job. However, the Department of Education has decided not to put up the cash.

Disgruntled Faro resident dumps on town property

On Saturday night, Roman Kaminecki backed up his truck and dumped a load of roots, rock and dirt in front of the Town of Faro's public works shop.

Moonwalking out of poverty

Karen Smith has heard of a lot of innovative ideas to help people struggling with poverty in Uganda. But Michael Jackson might be one of her favourites. On June 18, 2010, Smith will be organizing a tribute night to the King of Pop at Mt. McIntyre. The evening will include karaoke, dancing, a Chinese auction and competitions, including prizes for the best dressed and best Jackson imitation.

Updating sexual education

A recent study found that rates of teen pregnancy in the Yukon have been steadily declining since 1995. While health workers and educators believe these results may be overly optimistic, it's welcome news.

Trading youth for filthy lucre

Fairy tales often leave you with more questions than answers. When the people of Hamelin refused to pay the piper, where did that pied minstrel take their children and what did he do to them?

NDP calls for independent investigations of police

The deaths of Raymond Silverfox and Robert Stone are fueling public discussion about who should investigate potential police wrongdoing. Silverfox's death was investigated by an Outside RCMP detachment.

Barlow warns of looming water crisis

The world is running out of fresh water. No, this isn't the premise for Hollywood's latest apocalyptic blockbuster. It's happening, and Maude Barlow is coming to Whitehorse today to hammer that reality home for Yukoners.

Fixing a failure to communicate

In some First Nation cultures, parents don't tell their children what to do. Well, not exactly. Instead of asking them to grab four plates, knives and forks, the parents ask the children to help set the table.

Teen pregnancies decline, chlamydia rises

Teen pregnancy rates have steadily declined across Canada, a recent report has found. And the Yukon is leading the charge.

Music packs the park

Ahhh, there's music in the air - and it's not just the birds. Arts in the Park is back for another season. The blue fencing has been removed and, once again, lunchtime art lovers have overtaken LePage Park for free noontime concerts and visual arts demonstrations.

WCB to name health and safety offenders

The average workers' compensation assessment rates will decrease by 15.6 per cent next year. The announcement last week received "a big thumbs-up" from both chambers of commerce.

Silverfox’s death a homicide: lawyer

A public inquest must probe the death of Raymond Silverfox, according to civil rights lawyer Clayton Ruby. "The results from the coroner's inquest make no sense whatsoever," he said in an interview on Thursday.

Researcher suggests Arctic oil spill would have dire consequences

The environmental disaster currently taking place in the Gulf of Mexico has a lot of Canadians worried about drilling at home, especially in the fragile Arctic. "There should be a moratorium on deep-sea drilling in the Arctic," according to Dr. William Adams.

Yukon police review welcomed by women’s groups

The in-custody death of Raymond Silverfox has raised a lot of questions about RCMP treatment of First Nation and intoxicated people. But several other interest groups want to vent their frustrations during the upcoming review of the Yukon's police force.

Turning it around with song

The song begins in a stark minor key. "Somebody's fighting, somebody's crying, somebody hurts, somebody's dying." But then the chorus shifts into positive major chords and the children singing double their efforts.

Faro Firesmart fuels controversy

This summer is set to be a busy season for forest fires, but Faro may not be sufficiently protected.

Silverfox family appeal inquest decision

On Friday afternoon, more than 150 protestors walked down Fourth Avenue, following in the footsteps of Raymond Silverfox. A coroner’s inquest last month revealed the shocking treatment Silverfox received, being mocked and laughed at, before he died in police custody.

RCMP faces Silverfox lawsuit

Raymond Silverfox's daughter, Deanna Lee Charlie, is suing the RCMP. In her statement of claim, filed on Tuesday, Charlie names eight police officers and three guards who had contact with Silverfox before he died.

Medical marijuana, coming to a store near you

The next time your back hurts, you might be reaching for your AK-47 instead of the Tylenol. Or maybe you'll decide to take a hit of Northern Light, which seems more at home up here.

Air North buys jet, sells toques

It's a shame the Yukon doesn't build airplanes because Air North was recently in the market for a new jet. And they like to buy local.