Chris Oke

Once upon a time, alcoholics had a home, of sorts

High-risk alcoholics can sack out for the night at the Salvation Army shelter, go to the hospital or find themselves dumped in the RCMP drunk tank.

Faro daycare sale moving ahead

When it comes to subdividing land in the Yukon, it appears there are different rules for citizens and municipalities. The subdivision application for Faro’s controversial daycare lot was approved on June 7.

Filipino worker granted three week reprieve

Francis Dura could have been deported to the Philippines on Wednesday afternoon. Instead, he got a three-week reprieve because of an unorganized Canada Border Services Agency.

A blast from the past

With one hand on her cane, Phyllis LePage Simpson reached to pull down a green wooden lever attached to the ceiling. One of three guests of honour, Simpson had been invited to give some of the first toots of the S.S. Klondike's newly restored steam whistle.

Teachers win modest wage hike

The Yukon government is very happy with its new contract with teachers, awarded by arbitrator Beth Bilson on Monday.

A tale of two workers

Two Filipino men are claiming they've been mistreated by Canada's Temporary Foreign Worker Program. However, their former employers are challenging that assertion.

Teacher staffing formula still angering parents

The territory's new teacher allocation formula was supposed to be fair and transparent. But the complicated formula is proving to be somewhat arbitrary and confusing - causing misunderstandings and angering some parents.

Portrait of an alley

A serial portraitist is at large in our fair city. From late December 28, 2009, until early March, there were 71 victims, one a day, dragged into the same back alley and shot. The culprit's name is Mo Whibley, a handle that sounds like it belongs to an old blues man in a Simpsons cartoon.

Little home, big idea

Retired empty-nesters aren't the only ones downsizing their homes these days. Just ask Laird Herbert. He's building a house for himself that's only slightly bigger than a garden shed.

Complaints commission to review Yukon RCMP

The Commission of Public Complaints Against the RCMP is conducting a five-year review of policing in the Yukon.

Western Copper challenges water board ruling in court

Western Copper is appealing the Yukon Territorial Water Board’s decision to deny the water use application for its Carmacks Copper Mine. The water board released its 42-page decision document last month.

Faro lot subdivided, awaiting rezoning

Faro is moving forward with the rezoning and sale of its controversial daycare lot. The lot and building, which has not been used as a daycare since 2006, was recently assessed at $80,000.

Yukon discontinuing cancer care navigator

The cancer care navigator position at Whitehorse General Hospital has been discontinued.

Frog Mountain Music

The Yukon is running short on music festivals this summer. Atlin has taken a hiatus this year and the Alsek Music Festival in Haines Junction hasn't been running for two years now.

Carcross gets a taste of Japanese home cooking

A young boy, barely tall enough to see over the counter, pushes some change through the window of the stand. He's not buying a coke, potato chips or a hotdog. He's come for his daily onigiri.

Complaints about new RCMP complaints commission

The Conservative government has tabled legislation to give the RCMP watchdog more teeth. However, the NDP, which has already put forward a similar bill, says the reforms don't go far enough.

Whitehorse Elementary parents angry at new teacher staffing formula

Overcrowded classrooms can be a problem. Just ask the 75 parents who crammed themselves into a Whitehorse Elementary classroom on Monday night.

Whitehorse ill prepared for forest fire

Whitehorse is a catastrophe waiting to happen, in Dave Loeks' opinion. Loeks is a master of forestry science and has been working in the field since he graduated in 1983.

Moving beyond ‘fallopian tube education’

A psychiatric hospital might not be the first place you'd expect to learn about sexuality. But this is where Dr. Steve Brown cut his teeth as a sexual health educator. He still remembers one of his early days teaching at the hospital, talking about why someone may or may not use condoms.

Civil liberties group files complaint on in custody deaths

The BC Civil Liberties Association has filed a complaint against the RCMP for its role in the deaths of Raymond Silverfox and Robert Stone. The association also supports the Silverfox family's call for a public inquiry.