Chris Oke

Yukon Energy celebrates marriage of two grids

The Yukon’s two major energy transmission grids were connected last week. The completed project was celebrated on Friday afternoon with the click of a mouse.

Postal workers locked out

Whitehorse postal workers were out in force again this week, informing residents that it wasn't their fault that the mail wasn't being delivered. Most of their placards had green tape covering up the words "on strike," with "locked out" or "I want to work" written on top.

Keno residents bulldozed by mine

The Bellekeno silver mine officially opened six months ago and, already, Keno residents have a long list of complaints.

The interview as art form

In 2007, a French professor of literature caused uproar in the literary world by publishing How to Talk about Books that You Haven't Read. It became a best seller. Eleanor Wachtel hasn't read it.

Students develop a taste for volunteering abroad

The guinea pig has long been a great educational tool. In the right classroom, the adorable little rodent can teach students responsibility and how to care for animals.

YTG tent city continues to grow

Last Wednesday, Helen Hollywood pitched a tent beside the government building to protest the Yukon Party’s inattention to Whitehorse’s housing crisis. Over the weekend, about 10 more tents popped up in a show of solidarity.

Branding and a side of fries

On June 17, the Whitehorse McDonald's will reopen its doors to show off its new look. It's like one of those makeover shows - the moment where some pudgy person who hasn't changed their wardrobe since the '80s emerges from behind the curtain looking slim and classy.

Postal strike hits Whitehorse

Canada Post's day-long, rotating strikes came to Whitehorse yesterday. At 3 p.m.

Get out!

Jump in your DeLorean, fire up that flux capacitor and go back in time - musically anyway. Old Time Machine will be celebrating the release of its first album at the Back to the Yukon show at the Guild Hall on Saturday.

Students lost on unplanned school trip

Last week, students from Johnson Elementary School in Watson Lake got lost in the bush. They were only lost for a little over an hour, and everyone returned home safe and sound.

Yukon retains its foreign workers

Dan Charlebois is a big supporter of the Yukon Nominee Program. Of 110 staffers, about 40 are currently in the two-year program, said the owner and manager of Whitehorse's Canadian Tire.

Insecure hospital defends its secure medical unit

Hospital officials are befuddled by policy questions after a psychiatric patient walked out of the secure medical unit on Sunday afternoon and was lost for days in the woods.

Clowning around

Every class has its clown, but it's pretty hard to stand out in comedy school. Nevertheless, the Yukon's Claire Ness managed to annoy instructors and fellow students alike with her over-the-top personality.

Yukon energy burning diesel

If you've been past the Whitehorse dam in the past couple of days, you may have noticed the telltale roar of Yukon Energy's diesel generators.

A fresh take on the murder ballad

After listening to his music, you might be forgiven for forming warped assumptions about Timber Timbre frontman Taylor Kirk.

Boiled brains and pre digested ptarmigan greens, anyone?

Next time you're feeling hungry, how about a healthy, locally harvested snack? You could bake some birch bark bread and smother it with boiled caribou brains. Still hungry?

Search teams recover missing psychiatric patient

The 37-year-old female psychiatric patient who escaped from Whitehorse General Hospital's secure medical unit was found on Tuesday night. Kathreen Denbrok somehow managed to slip through security and walk right out the front door.

Psychiatric patient escapes hospital

A 37-year-old female patient escaped from the Whitehorse General Hospital’s secure medical unit on Sunday afternoon. Whitehorse RCMP, a police services dog, auxiliary constables and the Whitehorse district search and rescue team were all called to search for the woman.

Faro wildfire nearly contained

Wildland Fire Management has nearly contained the 41-hectare fire burning nine kilometres southeast of Faro.

Confronting the Yukon’s drinking problem

The Salvation Army shelter is home to many Yukon alcoholics. And its manager, Judy Lightening, mothers them all. "Over 20 of my boys have passed away as a result of alcohol," Lightening said at a forum on Wednesday night.