Andrew Robulack

have we no shame thoughts on the death of privacy

I'm just teaching my son about the concept of privacy. How it's polite to close the bathroom door when you're in there doing your business. How certain aspects of one's life should stay within particular conversational contexts.

Should computers be in schools?

My son started grade 1 this week. His mom and I took him to his first class on Monday to meet his teacher and some of the other kids. We also wanted to survey the facilities to make sure it was an environment we were comfortable with.

Northwestel’s triumph is a heavy burden to bear

Imagine, if you will, a long string of interwoven glass threads stretching across the landscape for hundreds of kilometres.

technology is killing the world

We live in an age of irony. Even as we shop in the market-driven spirit of eco-trendiness, we maintain technology-based habits that subvert the very spirit of going green.

Synthesizing Steve: Music bots are no match for boutique expertise

One upon a time, I relied on my friend Steve Gedrose for musical advice. He owned a boutique CD store called Rose Music down on 4th Avenue, and he was a walking musical encyclopedia.

Only morons chat and drive

If you operate a mobile phone while driving, you are one of the 17 million Canadians who are complete and utter morons. No offence, though. Until very recently I was a moron, too.

why even bother to stop for a red

This seems to be a valid question in Whitehorse. An alarming number of drivers around here simply disregard common traffic laws, patterns, and etiquette altogether.

does northwestel need to hawk porn

Just over two years ago, Telus was badgered by the Vancouver Catholic community into removing themselves from the pornographic media industry.

King Henry VIII would have loved his iPhone

As humans, we crave power and influence. For millennia we have manufactured technologies that enable us to satiate this hunger, primarily by enabling our proclivities for consumption and communication.

The teen cultural revolution

If you're a young person, somewhere between the ages of 13 and 18, you're currently involved in the first great cultural revolution of the 21st century. You may not be aware of it, but you are helping to redefine how we communicate and socialize.

VOIP 101: How to make free phone calls

It should have been a video game that pegged a platoon of starving space marines lost on a craggy planet just south of the Crab Nebula against a…

iPhone 3G, meet the cellphone cartel

Okay, just to be clear, this isn’t yet-another-iPhone-3G review. I’ve read enough of those over the past two weeks; I think I’d…