Andrew Robulack

a long night in line for the ipad

The Apple Store at University Square is an open-air mall of highbrow retailers in Seattle. I arrived there late on the eve of the release of Apple's latest technical contrivance: the iPad.

how much is that song worth to you

In an age when our Canadian currency flirts with US dollar parity, the abstract qualities of value reveal themselves. It shows that how we measure the actual worth of anything is difficult to explain in a coherently logical manner.

turning pre teens into potty mouths to make a buck

A couple of recent articles on the New York Times website seem to contradict one another. Cat-and-Mouse for a Trashy Trailer, published on February 24, laments the spread of explicit movie trailers across the internet.

putting the tired metaphor of files and folders to bed

Who actually likes filing? Not me. And, judging by most people I know, not very many of you do either. Our desks, shelves, floors and even walls are littered with vast amounts of loose paper, documents, pictures, and other stuff.

does ipad herald the end of geek culture

It's a smallish chunk of glass, plastic and silicon that has stirred up debate about computer technology like no other device before it (not even the iPhone).

time to take ebooks seriously unfortunately

There's a certain irony in the fact that contemporary books are almost completely created on computers, yet are delivered as products physically, on paper. They are written in word processors. Their pages are composed in layout applications.

how much is free worth to you

Free. It's a word that we take for granted these days. It's how we do things online.

The impending irrelevance of television

Let's ignore television for a moment. In fact, let's just pretend it never existed. This exercise isn't about blocking out the painful hours you may have spent watching reruns of Miami Vice or Roseanne.

Imagine if Google were cutting edge again

So Google's Nexus One "superphone"- who can utter that term without giggling? - was the single greatest source of yawns this week.

Trends and disruptions in the coming decade

Like a blockbuster movie desperately grasping at a sequel, the "naughties" are dropping late hints about their imminently succeeding decade.

A web browser to make you yawn

When I think of Google's new web browser, Chrome, I experience this inescapable urge to yawn. Oh, excuse me, I - (yaaaawwwwwn). I realize that, as a geek who writes about stuff like web browsers, I'm supposed to care.

I love her … She just doesn’t know it. Yet.

Twitter. Twitter twitter twitter. It knows where she is.

exclusive offer for yukon news readers for only 49.99 you can become the cy

The holiday party season is upon us this year and the theme is definitely geek.

The gap in history

It's 100 years or so from now. A young girl pulls an ancient box out from under a bed. Its clear body is blemished with age.

you dont own any software

Honestly. You don't own any software at all. Even though one day you may have walked into a store like Staples and bought a boxed copy of Microsoft Office or Adobe Photoshop, all you purchased was a disk.

why the iphone is important to the horse

Any day now Apple's iPhone will be available to Whitehorse residents. This is huge news: the iPhone is widely regarded as the world's most advanced handheld computing and telecommunications device.

sometimes reality just isnt real enough

One of the most fascinating aspects of evolving mobile platforms like Apple's iPhone and Google's Android is their promise of ubiquitous computing. Now there's a scary phrase: ubiquitous computing. What does it mean? First, ubiquitous = omnipresent.

still life of a text message

When an artist composes a still life of a bowl of fruit or a vase of flowers, it is often with the intent of paying studied homage to a subject that has been rendered nearly invisible by its ubiquity.

Twitter: The descendant of haiku

Some time in the mid 17th Century, the famous Japanese poet, Matsuo Basho, helped invent the haiku poem. He did this by breaking the brief introductory verse - the hokku - away from the larger, collaborative poem called the renga.

whitehorse sells municipal roads to northwestoll

Whitehorse has sold its municipal traffic infrastructure to a local private business, NorthwesToll.